Build a $300,000 Massage Practice in Your Chiropractic Clinic



How to Create the MOST Highly Profitable, Passive Source of Income for Your Practice With Massage Therapy

  • Whether you’ve done just about everything in your practice to maximize income and you still realize it’s not enough, or
  • If you are growing increasingly worried that year after year you are just “getting by” and saving nothing for retirement, or
  • If you are looking for ways to increase your revenues without increasing your workload,

You need a second income stream!

Ideally, your additional income stream business should:

  • Be one that you don’t have to learn a new trade or invest lots of time & money
    (Too many DC’s get burned trying to do day trading, flipping houses, running MLM companies or other schemes to create additional income – stick to what you know!)
  • Quickly make back your investment and turn into a profit geyser
    (This program will show you how to recoup your investment in 90 days or less – and what to do if you don’t!)
  • Use your existing facility to make your start-up costs extremely LOW
    (Most DC’s pay for 24 hr, 7 day a week access and use less than half of that. This program allows you to start on a low budget and effectively lower your existing overhead)
  • Be a business which earns huge profits WITHOUT you being there
    (What’s the good of earning extra money if you don’t have time to enjoy it?!)
  • Not interfere with your practice or add to your work load
    (No need to study stock quotes at night or take off work to fix a roof!)

Amazingly, this second business – MASSAGE — does all that and more!

  • That’s probably a big part of the reason why our Build a $300,000 Massage Practice in Your Chiropractic Clinic program has been our #1 seller for 6 years straight!
  • And why we’ve sold copies of our Massage Program to all 50 States, to DC’s on 4 continents and 20+ Foreign Countries
  • And also why massage represents the single biggest income stream (after chiropractic) in most chiropractic offices nationwide.

Massage Therapy Keeps Growing! Are You Missing Out?!

More than a decade ago, I started studying ways to effectively increase my income without significant investments of time and money. I performed my “due diligence” and oodles of research pointed to Massage Therapy as a service I could add to my clinic that met all the above criteria. The profession of massage was (and is) booming and new graduates are readily available (thus, increasing competition and lowering their wages).

People are getting massage in droves – in fact, the number of people who visited a massage therapist increased approximately a double digit percentage per year for most of the 2000’s (despite the recession)! And a whopping 60% of surveyed Americans want to see massage covered more by insurance companies.

Despite the massage profession’s steadily increasing numbers, few chiropractors generate significant wealth off their massage therapy program. In fact, I ran into several DC’s who had abandoned their massage departments out of frustration things just not “clicking” right. I was flabbergasted! Here’s why:

Done the right way…
Your Massage Therapy department should produce an income of $15,000 per month – that’s $180,000 per year –

And that is for an average chiropractic office.

Average is defined by Chiropractic Economics as seeing 120 pts per week and producing gross billings of $320K per year, according to recent salary survey results.

And by this average, I am only assuming a 50% “utilization rate” meaning that your therapists are about half as busy as they could be!

My clinics and those of the clients I work with have produced rates of 83%, on average because I have developed a system to offer massage therapy in your office done the right way and producing $300K per year or more!

I have had as many as six massage therapists in one “average” style practice (in terms of patient visits – but definitely not income) and have seen profits produced with as few as one massage therapist and as many as 50!

So, I hate to say it, but those naysayers who have tried massage and failed simply have not done massage the right way, with the right system!

This program will allow virtually any sized office to profitably add massage therapy to their services and reap the rewards in as little as 90 days.

Are You Ready for THIS Bottom Line?

Just a reminder: all this extra benefit and income will NOT be at the expense of your time, your life or even your hard-earned money.

Creating a massage department in your clinic will produce an income stream that effectively lowers your overhead, nets you an extra $5,10,15, or 20K per month – all done without you being there!

Ok. You probably have to have a few meetings with your massage staff to keep them pumped up and you may need to spend a few days per year interviewing a hiring new therapists (my massage department added a new therapist every 3 months until we had 6 full-time therapists working in one clinic).

So, all totaled maybe you work 8 or 10 days per year for this income. Even at only $5K per month, 10 days of work for $60,000 is not bad!

Even better – if you continue to practice as usual and don’t touch your new massage revenue, isn’t that a nice residual retirement income to live on? You could tuck this money away and build a nice 7-figure nest egg within a few years. All without barely lifting a finger.

Generate Income While on Vacation, Spending Time With Family – Whatever!

This profit machine does NOT require that you add more patients, improve your case acceptance or produce more chiropractic services. What’s more, it will produce money on its own without you AND can be also used to produce even more income with you or if your practice grows!

Maybe you’d like to take an extra day off per week, spend more time with family, go on more vacations – whatever. Your new massage therapy department can be producing profits that allow you to make the lifestyle choices you’ve always wanted without any additional effort on your part. Truly a passive income dream.

The Value is in the SYSTEM!

Certainly there are DC’s already using massage in their office so the concept isn’t new, but surprisingly only about 37% of the profession as a whole has taken this step – despite the obvious benefits outlined above.
After reviewing what you will receive with this comprehensive program, you will be literally kicking yourself for not starting this sooner.

If you have tried to institute a massage program in the past with failed or marginal results, you will soon see why done the right way, with the right SYSTEM massage is hands down the most profitable ancillary product or service you can offer in your office.

You will likely never “outsell” a good massage therapist (or therapists) with tubes of BioFreeze, neck collars, pillows or even supplements.

And what’s more, while selling products may be a nice way to make a little extra income, rarely do any of these products ever bring new patients into your office. Not so with Massage! With the proper training (covered in this manual), your massage therapist may become your biggest referral source for new patients!


Done the right way, your massage department will be ultra-profitable because:

  • You already have the facility and most of the equipment to operate this business (so your overheard will be super-low).
  • You and your staff already knows the business (saves times and shortens time to profit)
  • It’s a business that can operate during your hours AND/OR hours you are not normally in the office (thus producing revenue when you are not typically earning any income.)
  • You will use the leverage of your current practice and clientele to help you create near-instant profitability through the addition of massage therapy services (unlike starting something new from scratch – this business hits the ground running!)

Are you ready to get started and boost your income without working more hours or seeing more patients? Read on!

Here’s just some of what you will learn with this program:

  • The best ways to advertise your therapist to your current patient base
  • How to get referrals from MD’s, PT’s and even other DC’s for massage
  • How to start a Corporate Massage Program
  • Documentation tips for massage therapy
  • How to create Professional Alliances with other Massage therapists
  • Discount offers that can introduce patients to massage & increase business
  • How to find, hire and keep great massage therapists
  • Delegation of Duties—who can legally perform a massage?!
  • Independent Contractor vs Employee – which is better?
  • Billing, coding and insurance verification for massage
  • Salary, contracts and legal structures – some ARE better than others
  • How to train your “best referral source” – your new therapist
  • Marketing strategies to get your therapist busy fast
  • How to decide if your therapist is a winner or a “dud”
  • When to hire ADDITIONAL massage therapists and keep the profits rolling!
  • How to leverage your current clientele to create near instant profits
  • The biggest mistakes that DC’s make in massage – and how to avoid them
  • And much, much more!!!

And, with our updated 3rd edition, you will also learn:

We expanded and updated the $300K  Massage program AGAIN to include even more strategies, the latest trends and detailed tips to help you succeed.  In the revised 3rd edition you will also get:

  • ICD-10 diagnosis coding strategies to get your massage therapy paid promptly
  • Legal updates on billing, coding and delegation for massage
  • Compliance update on how to avoid audits with your massage fees
  • Additional strategies to marketing and monetize your corporate massage program
  • Expanded section on finding, hiring and keeping great massage staff!

Plus, you will receive the following “bonuses” to make your life even easier:

  • Sample Employment Contract
  • Sample Independent Contractor agreement
  • Sample letter propose a Corporate Massage program
  • Sample letter to to create Professional Alliances
  • Sample Client Intake Form with questions to ask new clients
  • Sample Client Session/Treatment notes form
  • List of Equipment & Supplies needed to set up your massage suite
  • Info you need about the “business” side of things (licensing, insurance, etc.)

Basically, everything you need to get this incredible income producer set up in your practice is “boxed up” in the “Build a $300K Per Year Massage Practice in Your Chiropractic Clinic” program.


Your “Massage Business In-A-Box” includes:

  • 175+ page Written manual with step-by-step instructions on “How to Create a $300K Per Year Massage Practice in Your Chiropractic Clinic” ($199 value)
  • Audio files of the entire 300K Massage Program ($179 value)
  • Forms pdf with sample employment contracts, independent contractor agreements, marketing letters, equipment lists and other information you need to get started. ($99 value)
  • eBook pdf of the entire program so you can download it to your computer for easy-access and safe-keeping. ($99 value)