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Here are 6 great ways to get a hold of us!

Live Chat

The fastest way to get help is via the LiveChat box in the bottom corner of this page. Our reps are trained to answer common questions and can help point you in the right direction for answers.


Email works great, especially if you have a technical question. But we get a LOT of emails, so please give us a business day or two to respond.

[email protected]


We’re on LinkedIn and you can often catch Dr. Tom there. It’s also where we publish blog posts, practice sale & associate ads.

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Another great way to stay connected is via Facebook, especially if you don’t want to miss our blog posts and/or practice sale ads.

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Because we’re often on the phone with clients & prospects, unscheduled phone calls are challenging, but if we are unavailable, you can leave a message.



To send old-school parcels, snail mail or Oreos the old fashioned way, here is our mailing address:

Strategic Chiropractor
13423 Blanco Rd #475
San Antonio, TX 78216