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Here are a few great ways to get a hold of us!


Email works great, especially if you have a technical question. But we get a LOT of emails, so please give us a business day or two to respond.

[email protected]


We’re on LinkedIn and you can often catch Dr. Tom there. It’s also where we publish blog posts, practice sale & associate ads.

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Another great way to stay connected is via Facebook, especially if you don’t want to miss our blog posts and/or practice sale ads.

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Because we’re often on the phone with clients & prospects, unscheduled phone calls are challenging, but if we are unavailable, you can leave a message.



To send old-school parcels, snail mail or Oreos the old fashioned way, here is our mailing address:

Strategic Chiropractor
13423 Blanco Rd #475
San Antonio, TX 78216