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The Path to a Chiropractic Practice Purchase or Ownership Opportunity

There are 5 Phases to successfully buy or transition business ownership

— and we can help you with any or all of them.

Phase 1: Purchase Planning & Options Analysis

For many docs, the first step is to choose the best route between buying a practice, starting one from scratch or getting an associate position (or a new one). Since most DC’s are not familiar with the purchase process and weighing their options to make their best next move, a great place to start is with our free Buy, Build or Break Up WEBINAR, which is designed to help you make an informed decision between buying a chiropractic practice, starting one from scratch or getting a new associate job that will better help you reach your goals.

Phase 2: Financial Pre-Qualifications

If a practice purchase is an option and you are like most chiropractic buyers, then a purchase loan is the likely next step you will take to acquire a practice (unless you have enough cash to buy a practice without one). The next best move is to then learn more about the process of practice financing so that you can successfully navigate the steps of buying a practice and learn what price range of practices you can afford based on your personal financial position, downpayment, and practice sale structure. Our FREE Practice Financing 101 Webinar will help you with the Financial Pre-Qualifications stage and to help you understand the steps in the process.

Phase 3:  Finding the Ideal Opportunity

One of the most exciting phases in moving toward a chiropractic practice sale is the search for the right opportunity that fits your ideal interests and needs. With our FREE Practice Match Program, we can help you find a practice that suits you by matching you with owners who are looking to sell or offer an associate ownership opportunity.

Phase 4:  ​Practice Purchase Analysis

If you’ve found a practice that you are interested in buying, the next best step is to determine the value of the chiropractic business. In most sale situations, a chiropractic practice valuation has been performed to determine the value of the business using standard appraisal formulas. Unfortunately, many “for sale by owner” practices skip the step and determine the asking price on their own. Even businesses listed with a practice broker may leave you wondering how the value was determined. With our Practice Purchase Analysis, we can help you make sure that the practice is priced at Fair Market Value and that you do not overpay.

Phase 5: Buyer Representation

Since all practice purchases involve some level of negotiations about the price or terms AND need a transition plan to ensure that the sale goes smoothly, it’s important that you have a trusted advisor that can guide you through the process. If you are purchasing a practice that is for sale by owner or for sale by another practice broker (not us), we can provide you with Chiropractic Buyer Representation to protect your interests in the practice purchase and to guide you through the steps of buying a practice from financing to the finish line.

Buyers Resources & Webinars

Free PDF Download

Download our quick and easy checklist guide to navigating the steps to purchasing a chiropractic practice before you buy!

Free Practice Match

Let us help you find the perfect practice to buy or an excellent ownership opportunity with our free practice match service!

Buy-Build-Breakup-Chiropractic Webinar

Free Webinar

How to Make Your Next Best Career Move – to Purchase a Chiropractic Practice, Get an Associate Job or Start from Scratch

Chiropractic Practice Financing 101

Free Webinar 

What Chiropractors Need to Know About Buying a Practice & Getting a Loan to Purchase

About Our Chiropractic Practice Buyer Assistance Services

After years of coaching chiropractors to work smarter IN their business, many of my clients wanted to transition their practice so that it was not entirely dependent on them, which would allow them to slow down (and enjoy the fruits of their success) or move towards retirement. For many, this meant finding an associate, creating the proper structure or putting plans in motion to transition or sell their practice smarter ! For these docs, smarter often meant avoiding the failed associateships, ownership opportunities or sale nightmares that are so common in chiropractic. I began to assist these clients (and their associates or buyers) with their practice transition and sale starting by planning sooner, reviewing options and then walking them through the phases of their sale – so that they could all avoid the common and costly mistakes that I felt could have been prevented in my own sale. Fast forward a decade, this is now the focus of the work we do at Strategic Chiropractor. So whether you are looking for a chiropractic practice to purchase, an associate ownership opportunity or a consultant to help represent your interests in a practice purchase — I’d love to help you work SMARTER getting IN to the next phase of your chiropractic practice dreams and goals!”

Recent Practice Purchase Success Stories

New Grad Purchases Practice Straight Out of School!

Many students are told that it is impossible to buy a chiropractic practice right after graduation because of a lack of work experience, student loan debt and many other factors. While this certainly can be challenging, we were able to help Tashauna obtain a loan to purchase the clinic of Dr. Bill Davis in spite of the obstacles and help her realize her ownership dreams to open Devine Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic!


From Across the Country and Associate to Owner!

Many in chiropractic would certainly acknowledge that the path from associate to owner is not easy. But what’s even more challenging is if you are NOT looking to buy the practice you’ve have been working in for years, but instead, seeking an associate position that will lead to ownership…across the country! While navigating this path is not always simple, we were able to help Ammon arrange an associateship AND obtain a loan to purchase the clinic of Dr. Terry Smith even though they were over 1000 miles apart! Dr. Jacobson is now the former associate & proud owner of Smith Chiropractic!

AMMON JACOBSON, DC // Colorado Springs, CO

Buys the Business & the Building For a Better Deal!

Like many associates, Dr. Tom had his eye on ownership for quite some time and when his (former)boss proposed plans to have him purchase the practice, Dr. Mattheson recognized an excellent opportunity. As we assisted Dr. Tom in buying the business, an even better opportunity emerged to buy BOTH the building and the practice. We were able to help Dr. Mattheson to obtain the financing to purchase both with a loan package that was far superior to buying just the business alone. Dr. Tom took full advantage of the better deal and he’s now owner of Mattheson & Blackman Chiropractic as well as enjoying the excellent investment of owning the real estate too!


From Overwhelmed New Graduate to Owner!

Dr. Necela & the Strategic Chiropractor team were instrumental in navigating the practice acquisition process. Being a new graduate, the prospect felt overwhelming, but Dr. Necela made the process manageable & easy to follow. He streamlined interactions, took time to ensure best fit, & provided guidance every step of the way. From determining professional compatibility, to financing recommendations, as well as extra detailed support materials, Dr. Necela helped make for an easy transition into practice ownership. Practice acquisition was a monumental decision for myself & the seller – Strategic Chiropractor helped ensure a positive outcome for both parties invested. Thank you Dr. Necela!



Q: Can you help appraise or value a chiropractic practice I am interested in purchasing?

A: Yes, we’d be happy to help as we believe that a chiropractic practice valuation is a necessary step to ensuring a successful practice purchase.

Q: What if I don't have a particular practice in mind? Can you help me find a chiropractic practice to purchase?

A: Yes! Most buyers start this way – which is why we offer a FREE Practice Match service where we will help you find a practice that matches your interests, geographic location(s), practice style, etc.

Q: I've found the practice I'd like to purchase, but need assistance with negotiations, contracts, etc - can you help?

A: Yes, through our Buyer Representation services, we can help you navigate the steps of your practice purchase to the end!

Q: Can you help me find financing? I'm interested in buying a chiropractic practice, but not sure how to get a loan.

A: Yes, we have a network of lenders that we work with to help buyers find financing, as this is often one of the more challenging aspects of chiropractic practice sales. We will also assist you with the process to ensure that you successfully obtain a loan to purchase your practice by matching you with lenders that work with your financial situation, loan size and sale structure. This is vital because although every bank offers loans, locating a practice purchase loan for healthcare acquisitions is definitely not a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Q: What if I'm not ready to buy just yet, but looking for an associateship where I can be offered ownership in the future? Can you help me find those?

A: Yes, in fact, more than 90% of our associate positions are ownership opportunities where the owner is looking to hire an associate so that they can transition them into the ownership role. This allows you time to save up money for the purchase, work in the clinic you will buy and prepare yourself for the roll of future ownership from the start – as opposed to a “dead end” job.

Have other questions we haven’t answered here?

Feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to help!

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