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time to sell a chiropractic practice

Is This a Good Time to Sell a Chiropractic Business?

One question many chiropractors face when nearing their desired retirement or transition goals is simply this: "is it a good time to sell a chiropractic business?" As most DC's are familiar with stock market surges, a buyer or seller's market in ...

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selling a chiropractic practice

How Goodwill Affects the Purchase Price When Buying or Selling a Chiropractic Practice

When it comes to buying or selling a chiropractic practice, it’s important to consider its price which is determined by both the marketplace and its value on paper. When looking at the value of a chiropractic practice specifically, the single largest ...

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Portrait of a bored, disappointed female doctor

9 Issues Ruining Chiropractic in 2019

It's no secret that chiropractors feel that a lot gets in the way of our desire to care for our patients and practices. In this respect, we are not alone.  And I believe part of the keys to success is to ...

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chiropractic telemedicine

Is Chiropractic Telemedicine or Telehealth an Untapped Opportunity for Your Practice?

Chiropractic Telemedicine or Telehealth is one of the hottest topics in practice management, clinical patient management and billing/coding circles – and it is one that we have been getting many questions about from the chiropractic community. Because this opportunity to implement ...

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chiropractic medicare 2019

2019 Chiropractic Medicare Updates You Need to Know Now

As with all things insurance, the one constant is change.  Obviously, the feds are no different.  Here are four 2019 Chiropractic Medicare updates you must know now (as they are effective January 2019). Medicare Deductible We’ll ease into this with the simple ...

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