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Our Clients Speak

I would have sold my practice for pennies on the dollar without Dr. Tom...

If I did not have the help of Dr. Tom Necela and the Strategic Chiropractor team, I would have sold my practice for pennies on the dollar! Dr. Tom helped me from A to Z and I would definitely recommend that anyone looking to buy, transition or sell a chiropractic practice get his help!.

MARIO FUCINARI, DC / Past President, Illinois Chiropractic Society.  Speaker on Billing, Coding & Compliance

Dr. Tom is by far the best consultant that our profession has by a long shot 

Dr. Tom has helped guide me from an overworked and frustrated owner of one practice to a business-owner with 5 clinics and dozens of doctors & staff. He is a trusted advisor and by far the best consultant that our chiropractic profession has by a long shot!  

MICHAEL BOURBONNAIS, DC  //  Founder, Tangelo Health with locations throughout Seattle & Portland

I could not have sold my chiropractic practice without you...

I have learned so much from you and your team during the process of selling my practice. I could not have sold my chiropractic business without you and would highly recommend The Strategic Chiropractor to anyone looking to sell or transition their chiropractic practice!"

PEGGY KISER-CROUCH, DC  //  First-ever Certified Active Release Technique Chiropractor in West Virginia

If you're serious about the success of your exit, work with Dr. Tom!

Before Tom, I spent $10,000 on 2 practice brokers to help transition and sell to my associate. They both failed, but Tom stepped in and guided us to a win-win solution. If you're serious about the success of your chiropractic practice sale or exit strategy, you should strongly consider working with Dr. Tom!

DOUG COX, DC  //  Past President Unified Virginia Chiropractic Association, Logan College Board of Trustees

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About Tom Necela, DC

For more than 20 years, Dr. Tom has been writing, speaking, coaching, consulting & teaching chiropractors to work smarter IN their business and in getting OUT of practice through Strategic Chiropractor's blog, events, programs, products, practice sales & transitions services.  Click Dr. Tom's pic to Read more...

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