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Love Chiropractic, But Hate the Hassles?

Do you love chiropractic but hate the paperwork, insurancehassles and practice management?  If youare silently shouting yes, you are definitely not alone.  There’s not a week that goes by that I do notspeak to at least several chiropractors who express ...

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Chiropractic Job Search Mistakes You Don't Want to Make!

Chiropractic JobSearch Mistakes You Don’t Want to MakeIf you are starting a chiropractic job search for an associate position, here are a few search mistakes you definitely don’t want to make!No Curriculum Vitae or Resume: It sounds so simple, yet ...

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How Much Is My Chiropractic Practice Worth? My Friend Sold His For ____

Chiropractors who are looking to sell or transition their practice often start by asking "How much is it worth?" It's a great question - but the better answer often depends on WHO this question is posed to.The question and the ...

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The Art Of Chiropractic Associate Buy-In and Buy-Outs

Looking for a chiropractic associate job or looking to hire a chiropractic associate as a part of your practice's transition strategy?  Here are a few things you need to consider -- regardless of which side of the fence you are ...

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Should You Sell Your Building With Your Chiropractic Practice Sale?

There's one common question that goes through a lot of doctor's minds as they prepare their transition -- regardless of whether you are planning to transition sooner or later, sell, hire an associate, whatever it may be.The question I get ...

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