Praise for Our Work in Practice Sales & Transitions, Seminars & Webinars

To learn more about our Practice Sales or Transitions Consulting, click here & read our testimonials below!

To learn more about our Practice Sales or Transitions Consulting, click here & read our testimonials below!

Dr. Necela is a dynamic speaker who informs, engages & entertains audience with his fast-paced and straightforward style.  Whether you need a keynote or breakout session speaker for your next state association event, online webinar, or continuing ed seminar, Dr. Tom can help you reach your audience, powerfully promote your association and make your event a success!  For booking info, please complete this form.

Here are just a few of the chiropractic associations Dr. Necela has spoken for and testimonials below: 

I would have sold my practice for pennies on the dollar without Dr. Tom…

If I did not have the help of Dr. Tom Necela and the Strategic Chiropractor team, I would have sold my practice for pennies on the dollar! Dr. Tom helped me from A to Z and I would definitely recommend that anyone looking to buy, transition or sell a chiropractic practice get his help!

Mario Fucinari, DC (Decatur, IL)

Dr. Tom & team were excellent from the  beginning to end of my sale!

I appreciated their feedback during the challenges that were presented along the way. They helped me get to the finish line and made the process easier. Thank you again!

Kirsten Grove, DC (Tysons, VA)

Dr. Tom is the best!

I recently sold my practice through Tom and was very happy with his services. I had my practice listed with another broker prior to him which was an extremely poor experience. Tom made lots of connections with other doctors and had my practice marketed very well. If you are considering listing your practice do your home work, talk to other people who have current listings with the broker your are considering, I am sure you will find Tom is the best!

Scott Lembke, DC (Vancouver, WA)

I could not have done it without you!

Dr. Tom – thanks to you and your team for all your help during my practice sale – I could not have done it without you! Please make sure to use me as a reference in the future!!

Dan Murphy, DC (Santa Maria, CA)

Diligence & Incredible communication!

Thanks Tom! I appreciate all your help. You & your team have made this transition a very good experience. Thank you for your diligence & the incredible communication, be it through conversation, email or prepared documentation. You run a tight ship! THANK YOU!!

Brent Symes, DC (Eagle, ID)

Highly Recommended!

My sister (an attorney) commented that my sale was remarkably quick (despite an interruption from COVID), your contracts  were solid & straightforward. I highly commend your brokering skills!

Michael Tereo, DC (Freemont, CA)

Helped me avoid a big mess with my sale…

Dr. Tom, I would like to say again THANK YOU for all your help selling my chiropractic practice! You are really great at what you do and I’ve already recommended you to several colleagues. I would like to think that I might have been able to do this without you, but I hate to think about what a “hot mess” I would have been in for the past 6 months! 

Paul Henry, DC (Baltimore, MD)

I could not have sold my practice without you!

I have learned so much from you and your team during the process of selling my practice. I could not have sold my chiropractic business without you and would highly recommend The Strategic Chiropractor to anyone looking to sell or transition their chiropractic practice!

Peggy Kiser-Crouch, DC (Charleston, WV)

If you’re serious about the success of your exit, then work with Tom!

Before working with Tom, I spent $10,000 on 2 practice brokers to help transition and sell to my associate. They both failed, but Tom stepped in and guided us to a win-win solution. If you’re serious about the success of your chiropractic practice sale or exit strategy, you should strongly consider working with Dr. Tom!

Doug Cox, DC (Charlottesville, VA)

I don’t know of any brokers who would have gone the extra mile like you did…

Thanks for all your hard work in helping me sell one of my chiropractic offices. I am grateful you helped me not overlook the obvious buyer who now owns my former practice. The transition went quickly as you kept everything moving along and ultimately, you came through and made it happen. Better still, I appreciate all your help before and after the sale to make the process go smoothly. I don’t know of any practice brokers who would have gone that extra mile like you did to help me get my practice sold!

Mike Schweitzer, DC (Issaquah, WA)


Completion !!! Thanks brother for all your help getting my sale finally done. After all we’ve been through, you’d think “patience” is your lasting middle name! THANK YOU to you and all your staff too! Now…let go fishing in Alaska!! 

Andy Kirk, DC (Savannah, GA)

You are the GO-TO DUDE for Transitions!

As you had advised, selling a chiropractic practice can be a landmine of stress if uncoached or poorly coached. Your were the bridge that made this happen for Dr. Lance and myself. Thank you, thank you (and for emphasis) THANK YOU! I value your opinions and expertise and I unreservedly recommend you as the ‘go to dude’ for chiropractic transition solutions. I can’t imagine that getting beat up on a practice sale or transition is a good time for either the buyer or the seller.  We are both very satisfied and we look forward to the future. Feel free to use our experience as a AAA endorsement!”

Bob Hecht, DC (Helena, MT)

My practice sale has been a blessing! After two bouts of cancer, surgeries & trying to hold my business together over the last several years, my practice sale has been a blessing for me and my family! Thank you for all your help in getting us there!

Jason Schroeder, DC (Wenatchee, WA)