Videos, webinars and seminars to help you prepare for a successful chiropractic practice sale and transition!

 Chiropractic Webinars For Sellers & Practice Owners

Exit Essentials

10 Factors That Affect the Value of Your Chiropractic Practice Sale or Transition

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Chiropractic Practice Sell Switch or Slow Down

Sell, Switch or Slow Down

How to Maximize Value For Your Chiropractic Practice Sale & Minimize Costly Mistakes!

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Chiropractic Practice Sales & Transition Myths WEBINAR

Chiropractic Practice Sale & Transition Myths

Myths, Realities & Maximizing Business Value

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Chiropractic Webinars For Buyers & Associates

Chiropractic Practice Financing 101

How to Buy a Chiropractic Practice with ZERO Downpayment

New Game Changing Financing Options from the SBA

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Buy-Build-Breakup-Chiropractic Webinar

Buy, Build or Break Up

How to Make Your Next Best Career Move – to Purchase a Practice, Get an Associate Job or Start from Scratch

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Chiropractic Speaking Invitations

Ask Dr. Tom to Speak At Your Chiropractic Event, Webinar or Podcast

Common Speaking Topics: Selling a Chiropractic Practice, Chiropractic Practice Value, Buying a Chiropractic Practice, Associate Transitions, Retirement, Practice Options - Buying a Practice, Starting from Scratch, Getting an Associate Job.