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    Our goal here at The Strategic Chiropractor is simple - we want to help doctors of chiropractic navigate the changes required to work smarter IN their business and getting OUT of practice.
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    To "work smarter" has been the mission of our founder, Dr. Tom Necela, for over two decades & it's at the heart of everything we do.  Because of Dr. Tom's background in chiropractic & insurance, our work was initially focused on teaching DC's to work smarter IN practice through better billing, coding, documentation & business strategies. 
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    As a result of Dr. Tom's prolific blogging, engaging speaking style and successful track recording of helping clients, the popularity of The Strategic Chiropractor's coaching programs, products, seminars, webinars and website has grown from a helping a handful of chiropractic friends to over 20,000 blog subscribers, seminar or webinar attendees and satisfied clients.  
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    As our clients practices grew larger (and our clients grew older), a pressing need emerged for relevant strategies to effectively sell or transition their practice. To assist, Dr. Tom began sharing strategies he learned from selling his own practice and by studying successful transitions or sales of dentists, medical doctors, attorneys and other professional practices.  
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    Fast forward 10 years and the demand for help working smarter getting OUT of practice has led us to guide hundreds of chiropractors through the process of selling their practice or creating a transition plan for their business by utilizing both traditional and "non-traditional" exit strategies.  Our transition webinars alone have been viewed by more than 9000 chiropractors & we'd love to help you create a win-win transition for your practice as well!

About Dr. Tom Necela

Over the span of two decades, Dr. Necela first chiropractor to ever achieve Certified Professional Coder (CPC), Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CPMA) and Certified Compliance Professional (CCP-P) status.  

A former English teacher and literature major, he loves writing, has authored multiple chiropractic books (including the authoritative resource on chiropractic transitions - The Ultimate Chiropractic Exit Strategy), been featured in publications such as Chiropractic Economics, Dynamic Chiropractic and and has won several awards for The Strategic Chiropractor website, which has been named one of the "Top 5 Chiropractic Blogs".

Tom Necela

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