The Ultimate Chiropractic Exit Strategy


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The Ultimate Chiropractic Exit Strategy

How to Plan NOW For Your Chiropractic Practice Sale or Transition!

Don’t spend decades building a business only to give it away in the end!

If you want to sell your chiropractic practice, transition to an Associate or just slow down as you head towards retirement, the time to plan is NOW!

And the updated, expanded and revised 2nd edition of the best-selling transitions program in the chiropractic profession can show you how to plan now so that you can maximize the value of your practice and minimize costly mistakes!

Let me run a few questions by you:

  • Did you know that most DC’s fail to plan for their retirement or transition and actually sell or leave at the absolute worst time for the least amount of money!
  • Do you have a concrete game plan in place for how you will leave chiropractic?
  • Does your business planning include an exit strategy, succession strategy or any strategy?
  • Would you like to slow down and “retire in practice?”
  • Would you like to be able to take some time off periodically, repeatedly or extend vacations?
  • How would you like to sell your $400K per year practice for $766K?
  • Who is going to run your practice if/when you are injured, disabled or dead?

Here’s a few more questions:

  • Did you know that most practices are currently selling for a fraction of the asking price?
  • Do you want to risk your entire life’s work by waiting to the end of your career to plan?
  • Are you tired, hurting or just plain “burnt out” because you see no end in sight?
  • Do you dream of taking time to be with family, but never have the time or $$ to do it?
  • Are you aware that selling, hiring an associate or dying are NOT the only retirement options?

Now that your head is spinning, consider this:

How would you like to create a plan that can multiply the profits gained during your exit from chiropractic — whether you are months, years or decades away from retirement?

Even better still — what if you could set a plan in motion TODAY that will allow you to work less hours but retain profitability, or gain a lump sum payout for the established “earning power” of your practice or just flat out head to the beach for a month without your practice floundering in your absence?

Why would anyone spend 25-30 years building a business and then give it away?

Here are the cold, hard facts:

By age 65, only 8% of all chiropractors can afford to retire and maintain their present lifestyle. While we make incomes that are above average for many people in this country, our debt load, poor financial planning, our business structure and our exit strategy (or lack of it), has most of us scrambling to find money to retire in the same manner as everyone else.

Fortunately, there’s a way to be in that select 8% even if you’ve “blown” almost everything up to this point in time. Yes, there’s an overlooked asset – if you will – that you are presently missing. And it’s one you have been building for the last several decades of your life.  In fact, most chiropractors retire and leave “money on the table” because they miss this “golden opportunity” — and they literally GIVE AWAY what they have spent their life building.

Even if your practice does not post numbers up in the stratosphere, your planned efforts towards transitioning your practice WILL definitely result in a greater return than simply leaving things to chance.

The Consequences of Not Planning Your Chiropractic Exit Strategy

Despite the obvious consequences and risks, according to statistics from the SBA, that is exactly what the vast majority of small business owners (chiropractors certainly included) do — they leave their entire life’s work to chance and risk giving it all away — by not planning!

I’d like to share with you a system whereby you achieve maximum profits for your practice sale or retirement transition from chiropractic before (and as) you retire. The net result being, your practice can sell for three to four times its value.  Truly, the sum of the parts ARE worth more than the whole IF you have the right system in place so that you can massively and profitably increase your options!!

And even if you decide not to sell (or not right now) — if you would like to slowly transition out or work in some other creative capacity, you need a strategy and a plan to get you there.

The Ultimate Chiropractic Exit Strategy hand-delivers you the tools necessary to create that plan and gives you step-by-step techniques for crafting the perfect solution, the “ultimate” strategy that will suit your personal needs and financial goals!

With Planning…

Good news – with planning, your results CAN be different!  These options (and more!) are all possible and are just some of the concepts you will learn in our groundbreaking program entitled, The Ultimate Chiropractic Exit Strategy.

Here’s just some of what you will learn in this program:

  • How to get the best of both worlds (sale & slow down!) with the “Sell & Switch” strategy
  • Why you need to consider “non-traditional” exit strategies beyond the practice sale
  • The Top 10 Chiropractic Transition Options that are working…right now
  • How to sell the “established earning power” in your practice
  • How to cash out at the “profit plateau” rather than the “retirement slide”
  • What one vital ingredient is necessary for success in your sale or transition?
  • Want to take a month off? Work fewer hours? Manage less? You CAN!
  • The 4 No-Plan Options to avoid
  • Secrets of selecting the right buyer, associate or partner: the 8 best candidates
  • The two “unmistakable signs” you’re ready for  retirement or transition (& these strategies)
  • How to cut your work week from 40+ hours to only 24 hours/week AND retain your profits
  • Decrease your overhead 5%, 10%, 25% or more!
  • How to sell the practice and keep the real estate and the rental income
  • The 18 month trial period… why?
  • One component that separates “career associates” from successful partners
  • How to sell partnerships whether you are 5 yrs in practice or <5 yrs from retirement
  • The “irresistable offer” to use to get your bank to finance the deal
  • How to sell partnerships yet keep your Accounts Receivable (A/R)
  • A fast, easy way to value your chiropractic equipment
  • How to earn an extra 1-2% via an ongoing “Founding Father’s Fee”
  • Where to advertise (and what to say) to attract the best partners
  • A simple, complete formula to divide monthly practice’s profits
  • The correct cash down payment to assure the deal works
  • How consulting can help you get favorable financial incentives
  • The “magic-formula”: ½, ⅓, ¼. It’s simple… but brilliant!
  • How to structure the purchase with a “wrap around” loan
  • How “staff teams” reduce overhead and provided needed coverage
  • Creating more hours in the peak demand times
  • A painless way to introduce the new doctor to your practice
  • Why you don’t need to be retirement age to start with this system!

And much, much more!!

In short, if you would like to capitalize a “golden opportunity” (regardless
of whether you are in, near or far from your golden years!) and work
fewer hours, take more vacation, lower overhead, increase (and protect)
your income stream, and put tens or hundred of thousands of extra dollars in the bank, then this
program is for you!

This system offers a way to” walk” extra money out of the practice
that most chiropractors (99%?) are leaving “on the table” with their current,
default or non-existent exit strategy.

The Ultimate Chiropractic Exit Strategy program includes:

  • Complete Printed, 150+ page Manual  ($299 value)
  • 4 Audio Recordings [delivered as mp3 files]  ($149 value)
  • Exit Strategy Readiness Test ($99 value)
  • BONUS – Ebook copy of The Ultimate Exit Strategy so you can read immediately!

That’s $547 worth of materials — now available at the low price of only $299!

Get the Revised & Expanded Edition!

The chiropractic practice sale and transition marketplace is changing significantly.  Get the latest edition which reflects “what’s working now” so that you be best prepared to use strategies that will help you succeed today and not rely on the same tired old advice the so-called “experts” have been giving for the last 20-30 years!

So, what are you waiting for — the longer you fail to plan, the more you plan to fail — get the Ultimate Chiropractic Exit Strategy today!