Six Figure Rehab



How to Make Chiropractic Rehab Profitable, Compliant & Efficient — WITHOUT a Physical Therapist

  • How would you like to increase your production by $50, $100 or even $200 per hour?
  • Does the concept of hiring a Physical Therapist sound great to you – except for the expense?
  • Are you tired of $20-30 reimbursements for your care and limited number of chiropractic visits?
  • Do you want to increase your income, without necessarily increasing the hours you work?
  • Is your office in danger of “chiropractic extinction” because you only provide one basic service?
  • Would you be able to handle more new patients, better profitability and better patient compliance?
  • Are you anxious, tired, frustrated, under-appreciated or uncertain about thriving in today’s chiropractic marketplace?

Doctor, if these have asked yourself ANY of these questions, read on – there is good news ahead!

According to Chiropractic Economics magazine, integrated practices show an income considerably higher than the average practice ($252,071) when compared to solo chiropractors ($130,546).

Other economic indicators are just as clear: many insurance plans are continuing to severely limit chiropractic care in favor of rehabilitation, physical medicine or physical therapy benefits.

Not only do these services get more visits, many (if not most) pay better than our chiropractic adjustments as well.

And don’t forget what is perhaps the biggest indicator that you need to seriously consider implementing (or improving) rehab in your practice:

The Simple Formula: Healthier Patient = Healthier Bottom Line

It’s time to get your practice into the 21st century and deliver superior care with maximum convenience to your patients and a better bottom line for you!

Doing “business as usual” is NOT working for many chiropractors.

For decades chiropractors have adjusted their patients (and been paid), gave their patients exercise instruction, tips on self-care and home management (most of which they for free) and received great results (but decreasing reimbursements).

The writing is on the wall. The pay we receive for our adjustments is going down steadily. Insurance companies are giving less chiropractic benefits but paying more for rehab and physical therapy services – many of which we are doing but not being paid for! Claims adjusters, IMEs and Personal Injury claims examiners continue to ask when we are going to transition the patient to active care.

The Six-Figure Income Boost That You are Missing!

On the flip side, there is a growing number of chiropractors who are not only delivering top-notch care but receiving BETTER income because of it. These DC’s are not PT wanna-be’s or hacks who don’t adjust and simply “cook” their patients on an endless number of modalities until the insurance runs dry.

On the contrary, these doctors have “discovered” that they can complement their chiropractic care with the same level of care they have been providing AND be paid for it. Without adding an MD, PT or expensive equipment to their practice. In fact, these doctors have created a 6 Figure Increases in their practice!

If this sounds appealing to you, read on – 6 Figure Rehab may be the key that unlocks the door to the successful and profitable implementation of these services within your chiropractic practice!

Here’s just some of what you will discover in this powerful program:

  • Low tech = high profits! Why you DON’T need $25k of equipment to profit
  • How to get 50% of your practice involved in some form of rehab
  • Low startup costs = quick ROI. Put the extra space to good use in your office and quickly generate income!
  • How find, hire and keep the RIGHT rehab assistant at the RIGHT cost.
  • What, when, why and how to bill/charge for rehab services
  • Systems and strategies for “dusting off” your failed or stalled rehab efforts and creating profits
  • Create a MASSIVE income boost WITHOUT compromising chiropractic
  • Why you DON’T have to be a “glorified” PT clinic to benefit from implementing rehab
  • Delegate and duplicate: Learn how to literally double your capacity without doubling your efforts
  • EZ marketing strategies to get rehab up and running and busy quickly
  • Best billing and coding strategies for maximum reimbursement and minimum audit risk
  • The $100,000 MISTAKE most practices make with their rehab department
  • Documentation Do’s and Don’ts: How to effectively and efficiency document your care
  • 5 Ways to Boost “Back end” benefits and create additional profit centers from rehab
  • The best ways to advertise your therapist to your current patient base
  • New Associate? How to utilize the “new” doc to help the rehab program AND their practice
  • 4 key factors that affect volume of your rehab program
  • Billing, coding and insurance verification strategies for rehab/physical therapy services
  • Salary, contracts and legal structures – some ARE better than others
  • How to train your “best referral source” – your new therapist
  • 7 possible “pitfalls” to avoid sabotaging your rehab profits
  • How to decide if your rehab assistant is a winner or a “dud”
  • When to hire additional staff to keep the profits rolling!
  • How to leverage your current clientele to create near instant profits
  • 6 Myths about Rehab that are absolutely not true
  • What kinds of practices NEED a Physical Therapist on staff – and when
  • How to implement rehab from the start – even for small practices!
  • And much, much more!!!

IF You Like the concept of introducing Rehab into your practice, but don’t know where to start…

IF You Have Tried Rehab & Failed…

If Your Attempts at Teaching Exercises are Hit & Miss or Lack Good Systems…

IF You KNOW You Have MORE Earning Potential but Just Don’t Know How to Tap It…this program is for YOU!!  

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What’s Included in the 6 Figure Rehab Program?

With 6 Figure Rehab, you will not only get all the vital information you need to skyrocket your rehab department, from the ground up (or from whatever level it is currently at) you will also receive the following “bonuses” to make your life even more simple:

  • Sample Exercise Programs
  • Sample Scripts (Benefits of Rehab, Handling Insurance, Patient Retention, Stimulating Referrals, etc)
  • Sample Employment Contract
  • Sample Independent Contractor agreement
  • Sample letter to create Professional Alliances
  • Sample Documentation Forms
  • Sample Rehab “Exercise Tracking Sheets”
  • List of Equipment & Supplies needed to set up your rehab department
  • State-Specific Info you need about the “business” side of things (licensing, delegation laws, etc.)

Basically, everything you need to get this incredible income producer set up in your practice is “boxed up” in the “6 Figure Rehab” program.

Your “6 Figure Rehab Business In-A-Box” includes:

  • 250+ page Written manual with step-by-step instructions on “How to Create a 6 Figure Per Year Rehab Department in Your Chiropractic Clinic – Without a Physical Therapist” ($299 value)
  • Audio CD’s of the entire 6 Figure Rehab Program ($299 value)
  • Forms CD with sample employment contracts, independent contractor agreements, marketing letters, equipment lists and other information you need to get started. ($199 value)
  • eBook on CD of the entire program so you can download it to your computer for easy-access and safe-keeping. ($99 value)