With dwindling payer reimbursements that have been on the steady decline for years, more chiropractors are looking to non-insurance based or hybrid (could be insurance or cash) income streams.

No offense to old steadies (or the manufacturers) of “wonder-gel”, “perfecto-pillow” or “vivacious vitamins” (or other similar products), but many DC’s are looking for new and innovative ways to add more revenue and less paperwork to their mix – not the same old products that they couldn’t sell yesterday. If that fits you, here are a few rapidly growing trends you should consider:

1) The Mindfulness Massage

The up and coming trend pushing aside classic massage therapy styles such as Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai and Hot Stone is the “Mindfulness Massage.”  A combination of mindfulness or meditative techniques along with breath work, the Mindfulness Massage is designed to have a significant effect on people’s stress levels, both physically and emotionally.  This new mix adds brings attention to wellness of the body and mind and the combination is proving to be potent.

Feuling the trend is the fact that stress levels in our constantly connected society aren’t going down – even while laying on the massage table, many would admit to not being able to shut their brains off. At the forefront of this trend are some major spa’s such as Miraval (Arizona) and The Third Space (UK) and One Wellness (Canada) where folks are lining up to come in and shut the brains and bodies down for a relaxing massage experience.

Chiropractic Applications

  • With dwindling payer reimbursements, it’s interesting to note that this new therapy style has significantly increased the profit potential of massage.  In 2013, the average hourly rate for massage across the country in a non-insurance environment is $62.  Mindfulness Massage at Miraval?  $159 for 60 minutes, $259 for 90 minutes of wellness and relaxation (i.e. non-insurance reimbursed) massage!
  • Interesting to note as well: the MM is not all foo-foo.  Mounting research on massage, relaxation. Meditation and stress management is pointing to the clinical applications of MM as well.  See SpaEvidence.com for multiple studies supporting this.

2) Mindful Spin-Offs

Emerging out of the Mindfulness Massage trend are several spin-offs which certainly could have even more applications in the chiropractic setting. For example, in addition to the MM, the Miraval Spa offers “clinics” (short, how-to seminars or workshops) on “Mindful Eating” and even home-life-ADL applications in a “Mindful Living” workshop.

The Spa at Mohonk Mountain House (New York) offers a “Never Diet Again” workshop using meditation and visualization.  Mii Amo Spa (Arizona) also offers classes in “Integrative Breathing” and “Compassionate Communication” as part of its “mindfulness” package.  Similarly, Exhale MindBody Spa (118 locations in US and Canada) offers a sequential package of workshops entitled “Meditation and Massage Journeys.”

Chiropractic Applications

  • Eating for better health and wellness.  Stress reduction. Breathing.  Um…it’s pretty much what we have been promoting as chiropractors forever – dressed up in a spa package.  This is good news for chiropractors looking to bolster the non-insurance portion of their business and for those who believes they must give away workshops, spinal care classes or health talks for free.  (Consider the fact that the FREE may actually be going against you).
  • And while many DC’s are looking to integrate more rehab into their practice and/or ride on the waves of the primal fitness craze depicted by CrossFit style adrenaline junkie workouts, don’t forget the business application Newton’s Third Law which would take you in the opposite direction.  Therein lies the success stories of outfits like Equinox Gym (55 locations in USA, UK and Canada) which has started a “Conscious Movement” menu of fitness classes designed to focus on quality of movement, breath work and mental engagement. So, if you are looking into blending more fitness training into your chiropractic practice, but aren’t hip to the CrossFit thing, consider mindful movement.

Newbie? Want More Massage or to Ramp Up Your Rehab?

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(We will cover 2 more trends in Part 2 — stay tuned!)