If you have massage therapy in your chiropractic office, you have a perfect source of profits that is ripe for picking…now!

Why? Well, it’s that time of year again when chiropractic offices that offer massage therapy have the opportunity to create a cash boost that will prevent the holiday slump and/or propel them well into the next year. That’s right, in November it’s time to start promoting massage gift certificates to your patients and your community. There’s few people that would be disappointed to receive one of these as a stocking stuffer, thank you gift or end of the year appreciation surprise.

Our coaching client record still stands at selling $29,000 worth in approximately 7 weeks time. And when I interviewed Dr. Jason to see what his “secret” to massage gift certificate success was, naturally he stated that he “kept it simple.” So I pressed him for some specific tips and here are 7 creative gems that resulted from that conversation:

(1) We put up signs in all of the treatment rooms, the bathroom, the front desk and waiting room advertising massage gift certificates. We added garland, Christmas lights, spray-on snow and little “enhancements” to make the signs eye catching, festive and creative.
(2) We put up a temporary banner outside the office to attract drive by traffic customers who were interested in purchasing massage gift certificates
(3) We offered deeper discounts for bulk purchases
(4) We hung sample gift certificates from our office Christmas tree like ornaments
(5) We started the conversations early and talked to patients about what they were doing for the holidays and what they were getting their loved ones. Anyone that didn’t have a great answer, we offered the massage gift certificate as an opportunity to solve their gift dilemma
(6) We added the ability to purchase gift certificates from our online store
(7) We sent out several emails to our patient base with tips for winter back safety (ex: shoveling snow advice, car accident advice, etc) and included a PS that offered massage gift certificates

What If I Don’t Have Massage Therapy in My Chiropractic Office?

Frankly, you are missing out. Massage is a simple adjunct to your chiropractic services that patients love. It can be a significant profit center that is easy to run in just about any practice, every marketplace and is both insurance and cash friendly.

My Build a $300,000 Massage Practice in Your Chiropractic Clinic program will teach you how to start your massage department and/or take your existing massage practice and improve it so you can improve your bottom line.

I used to think that I was biased about this program being the best because it was so simple. But after two revisions, with fans on five continents, all 50 US States and hundreds of success stories later from chiropractors whose practices have been changed by this program, the proof is in the pudding.

And one of my coaching clients in the Midwest also brought an interesting endorsement to my attention recently. The Build a $300,000 Massage Practice in Your Chiropractic Clinic program even is being touted by other chiropractic practice management firms and being taught in their seminars! Why would a “competitor” do that? The program works.

So, if you are still missing the boat on massage, now is the time for you to add another revenue stream that works to your bottom line – and your patients will thank you for it.

So…what are you waiting for? If you have a therapist, get selling those gift certificates and if you don’t, then get the latest edition of our Build a $300,000 Massage Practice in Your Chiropractic Clinic program now!