It’s always nice to insert a surge of cash into your practice and February is one of the best (and easiest) times to do it.

You only need to focus on one simple holiday to start and one simple question to ask:

The Super Simple Question

Here’s the world’s easiest script to ask your patients. It’s one simple question:

What are you doing for your {insert spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend} for Valentine’s Day?

If you ask this question at the start of February or anytime before February 12, many people will give you the puzzled look of procrastination and (if they’re honest) they will tell you that they are not quite sure. Bingo. You can help them solve their problem.

On the other hand, if you ask this question to the 10-20% of folks who give you a ready answer, chances are great that they really LOVE this holiday and will still be open to additional suggestions for their sweetie.

Solving Your Patients Problem (or Satisfying Their Priorities)

So if you have patient type #1 (the procrastinator) present, you can easily solve their problem by mentioning that their sweetheart would probably love a massage GIFT CERTIFICATE (who wouldn’t?!!). Easy. Problem. Solved.

Even if you run into the Valentines Day fanatic who has been planning for their beloved holiday for weeks or months, chances are they love this holiday so much that they aren’t quite satisfied with their already good plans and would love an opportunity to make them even better. Gift certificate = Problem solved again.

For those of you who want to have a little fun, you can even amplify the scenario a bit and help them see the “danger” of their decision to procrastinate. Being a guy, I like to have this conversation with guys, but it can really work with anyone.

Here’s a sample version of my “Gift Certificate Gotcha” script

The Gift Certificate Gotcha! 

[Me/Doctor] …Hey Bob, so what are you doing for the wife on Valentine’s Day?

[Bob] Umm…not really sure, Doc. Haven’t quite thought about it yet.

[Me, expressing a look or sound of deep regret]…Oh I see. Well that’s not good my friend.

[Bob] Yeah I know.

[Me] I guess I would make your next appointment for February 15 if I were you.

[Bob, puzzled] Uh…ok…not sure I understand?

[Me] Well, Bob, if your going to be the type of guy that forgets his wife on Valentine’s Day, I’m not exactly sure what’s going to happen to you. But it’s probably not going to be good. I’m not saying she will physically harm you for not getting her something, but she might. I don’t know. Or it may be that the stress of being THAT GUY (the one that forgot to get his wife something other than the half-wilted, overpriced flower the dude was selling at the stoplight). The stress of being THAT GUY is probably going to wreak some havoc on your neck or give you a headache for sure. So, just set up February 15 and we’ll put you back together again.

[Bob, a little concerned] Oh…um…yeah…ok.

[Me, leaving the room] That or we do have a Valentine’s Day Massage Special going on right now. I’m sure the wife would absolutely LOVE a massage. Who wouldn’t?  See ya next time Bob!

Massage Gift Certificate Specifics

Whether or not you poke fun at or with your patients, massage gift certificates are a great idea for your patients and require no “hard selling” at all.

In fact, if you are wondering whether or not you really have to offer a “special deal” along with the gift certificates to prompt your patients to buy – the answer is NO.

Offering a discount may motivate your patients or marginally increase sales, but here are the strategies that I’ve observed that SIGNIFICANTLY WILL increase massage gift certificate sales. Be sure to do these:

  • In-office signage (in waiting rooms, treatment rooms at front desk, hallways, bathrooms – wherever your patients will easily notice)
  • Use actual Gift Cards or Gift Certificates – since most of these are going to be a gift, a great looking card or certificate helps the presentation.
  • Gift Card / Certificate Display – model Starbucks and put your cards on display.
  • Doctor Recommendation – if you feel that the patient, their spouse or family member could benefit for a massage, say so!
  • Staff Suggestion – the staff could literally repeat the same question above and ask the patient what they are doing for their spouse on Valentine’s Day. Or ask “Have you heard about our Valentine’s Day Special?”
  • Email blast – since email costs you zero, send a notice that way too
  • Social Media – post on your Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter or Google+ pages too!

Want to Take It To a Whole New Level?

I’ve got two words for you: sign dancers!  You know, they are those somewhat annoying or somewhat entertaining folks who stand on the street corner shaking, waving (or if they are top notch) DANCING with a sign.  Whether you love or hate them, there’s one thing that is a proven fact: you NOTICE them – which is obviously the first step in marketing anything.

And the advantage of using a Sign Dancer to promote your massage gift certificates is that this is a low risk way for people to try out your office and you literally will have people willing to purchase a gift certificate from you that may normally not want to darken your doors.

So, if you want to take it up a notch — try a Sign Dancer (and if you still don’t think it works, try NOT to look the next time you see one).

Train the Team and Set Your Target! 

I’m not sure what you charge for an hour of massage, but train your team on the promotion and set a target goal. Remember, no matter how many you sell — an extra thousand or two or ten or more is still extra!

No Massage?

Frankly, you are missing out! Don’t dismay. You can run a Valentine’s Day promotion for just about anything. Massage just happens to go really well.

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