One of the most common questions that I get in my billing, coding & documentation seminars, via my blog, and from my consulting clients is this: what EHR do you recommend?

Let’s first establish a few very important points:

Consider These Things FIRST in Your Decision Making Process

1) WHEN, Not If.  In my opinion, moving to EMR is a decision of WHEN not if.  It’s important to realize that we practice in an era where it is getting progressively difficult to have paper notes withstand much, if any, payer scrutiny.  Simply put — your paper days are numbered.

2) There are Multiple Transition Strategies — Regardless of your vendor or system choice, there are multiple strategies that you can use to transition to EMR.  In other words, don’t use the excuse that “I practice this way, so EMR won’t work for me.”  This is nonsense.  EMR will absolutely work for you and your practice style will simply dictate how you transition – – not if.

3) You Get What You Pay For — There is a subset of chiropractors who somehow believe that their $297 software is an EMR program that is on par with ones that cost more than 10x that.  While I do believe that some systems may be overpriced, this is like comparing a bicycle to a car.  Yes, technically speaking both will get you from point A to point B.  But one will do so much quicker, with much less effort on your part and with many more features (and creature comforts) available to you.  Naturally, the price is a bit higher too, but it enables you to do much, much more.

Things to Watch Out For

There are also a few things to watch out for in the extremely competitive markets of EMR.

A) Company stability — unfortunately, chiropractic is a small marketplace.  This means small players can enter relatively cheaply and compete.  But if they do not do well, they will not be around for long.  The last thing that you want is to spend all kinds of time, effort and money on a system whose company goes under a year or two later.  Note: this has happened with SEVERAL small chiropractic EMR systems.  You will do well to avoid smaller or startup companies until they are well-established.

B) Certified — even though the stimulus money has come and gone, it doesn’t say much for an EMR company who is not certified.  What that really means is that they missed the boat then…and will likely miss the boat again on future requirements.  It may also mean that are a small startup (violating the previous rule above).

C) Flexible — The best EMR systems are flexible to meet your needs.  This can take several forms.  First, they should offer payment options and terms that you can afford and financing, if necessary.  Next, if you are looking for a system that only does a portion (billing or documentation), it’s a huge win if they are able to do that as well.  Why would you want to overpay for items you don’t need or anticipate to use?

Does Any EMR Company Meet ALL These Requirements?

While many of you have seen me dance around the EHR issue over the years, in my opinion, a clear leader has emerged from the pack of options available to chiropractors. And although I don’t believe EHR’s will fix all your practice problems (or cure your baldness), I  highly recommend ACOM Health’s Certified Complete EHR RAPID software solution.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Proven – They have over 550 Chiropractors completing attestation with their system
  • Guaranteed – It is the Only system in the Market with a Money Back Guarantee
  • Affordable – They have a guaranteed Financing Program starting at $200/Month
  • Intelligent – Automating your practice helps minimize your risk, maximize your revenue and helps you work smarter
  • Timely – Chiropractors who participate in the Government EHR Incentive Program may qualify for up to $39,000 over the next 4 years, per eligible Chiropractor
  • Stable – The ACOM Health company has been around for nearly three decades, has served multiple health professions (including chiropractors) and thousands of clients worldwide.
  • Simple — Most other systems use proprietary programming (bad news if you ever want to switch and your data doesn’t go with you) to do even the most basic tasks such as write a report, ACOM’s reports are viewable in formats even non-techies understand (like MS-Word).  All EHR’s have a learning curve, but it’s nice when you are on some familiar ground.

Why am I recommending this transition from paper records to automating your practice now?

  • EHR is the way of the future and you will have to do it sooner or later
  • An investment that positively affects your bottom line and decreases your risk is worth every penny
  • ACOM Health’s pricing is reasonable, transparent and inclusive – no hidden fees or surprises
  • Because of all the above, I would encourage you to call ACOM Health today at 866-286-5315 and give them 30 minutes out of your entire week to demonstrate their software – it is well worth your investment.

Special Bonus!

And as a special bonus, let them know Dr. Necela from The Strategic Chiropractor told you to call and they’ll take $500 immediately off the software price just for 30 minutes of your time. Or if you prefer, just use the link below and an ACOM Health practice consultant will get back to you directly.


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