If you are a chiropractor who is thinking of selling a chiropractic practice in 2020, we’ve got good news!  There are quite a few factors that contribute to the fact that this year is shaping up to be an excellent time for your chiropractic business sale.  Here’s why

Bank Lending Boom Continues

The Small Business Administration (SBA) changes made back in 2018 continue to improve the lending landscape AND both the Sellers AND the Buyers situation.  As we reported back in 2018 regarding the new SBA rules, banks are now able to finance up to 90% of your chiropractic practice sale.

This means the “old days” are done where Sellers had to Owner Finance or carry a note for half of their practice sale just get it sold.

Back in 2018, we predicted that move would opens up bank lending to a wider pool of Buyers and this certainly has been the case in our business of helping chiropractors buy and sell practices.

Cash Out Continues to Attract More Sellers AND Buyers

Not only have the bank lending changes affected the ability of Buyers to Buy – and the ability for Sellers to Sell.  If you are thinking of selling a chiropractic practice in 2020, there’s even better news.

The SBA lending terms now state that you can get up to 95% of your sale value paid at closing (90% from the bank and 5% from the buyer) – even if your Buyer doesn’t have the 10% minimum required for a downpayment.

Here’s why:

Under the SBA lending rules, if your Buyer only has 5% to contribute to a downpayment (as opposed to 10% down), it’s also possible that they can still get a loan purchase a practice – if the Seller is willing to carry back a loan for the other 5%.

The impact on this is clear: the number of Buyers entering the market has significantly increased because effectively the bar for entry has been lowered!

Lower Interest Rates is Better for BOTH Buyers and Sellers

Chiropractors who are considering selling a chiropractic practice in 2020 have yet another piece of good news awaiting them!  As the Feds have cut interest rates, this has directly impacted practice acquisition loans.

Banks continue to lend with near historically low lending rates over the past couple years and the trend continues!

Perhaps best of all, the interest rates are low for BOTH private (non-SBA) loans and SBA loans which is obviously good for Buyers.  But if Buyers feel better about their interest rates – then it is good for Sellers too!

Now, before you get too excited about this lending news, I do need to insert a small “reality check.”  With increasing levels of student debt, not all banks love to lend to chiropractors. So, it is very likely that if your Buyer walks into any local bank, the bankers will not fall over themselves trying to hand out a loan.

But – even this situation is not all bad news. Dentists, medical doctors and other health professionals have deep debts too.   So the key is finding banks that understand healthcare practice acquisitions and who are skilled at lending to chiropractors – and we have a group of banks that we work with that most definitely are!  In fact, our loan acceptance rate among our network of preferred lenders has been steadily increasing and last year, we were able to get over 90% of our practice purchase loans funded by banks (and not the Seller!)


In general, practice sales follow a pretty steady stream.  When chiropractors are ready to retire or move on, they sell.  When buyers are ready, they buy.  If you’re 70 years old and the economy is not at its peak, you probably will sell anyway.

But when the economy is doing well, the money begins flowing faster!  And now is that time.


If you are considering a transition for your business or selling a chiropractic practice in 2020, this is the time to strike while the iron is hot!

For the reasons stated above, practice owners selling a chiropractic practice in 2020 will be positively impacted by these conditions – as will the Buyers who are shopping for a practice.

“Timing the market” is a tough thing to do – but if you are getting close to the idea, selling a chiropractic practice in 2020 may be close to the ideal time!

And…If you are looking to sell or transition your chiropractic practice, check out our FREE webinar Chiropractic Practice Sales & Transitions: Myths, Realities & Maximizing Value.