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Find a Chiropractic Practice

Price Then Prospect

Anyone can be interested in your practice sale until they can put it into context. So before you can find your perfect prospect, you need to establish the value of your business. On the call, we can give you a ballpark estimate of what your practice is worth at this time so that you can consider the best options for your situation.

Options or Opportunities

Once you understand the value of your practice, we can discuss your specific transition plans and the options or opportunities you have in finding the perfect prospect.

List It and They Will Come

It’s not reasonable to expect a prospect to fall into your lap. But we can help you put your practice on the market so that we can find them for you!

In Order To Schedule This Session You Should...

1) Plan to transition your practice in the next 0-3 years
2) Plan to sell your practice in the next 0-3 years