Depending on which side of the political fence you sit, the possibility of Hilary at the helm or Trump at the top may scare or frustrate you.

But for some chiropractors who are nearing the end of their career, the potential of one of these candidates in office may just be enough to solidify their decision to sail on off to retirement.

Yet, for many DC’s, there are a few large obstacles in their way:

  1. You don’t really have a solid transition plan
  1. You don’t have anyone to transition to
  1. You don’t know which option is best for you – sell, hire an Associate who will buy-in, transition out slowly, etc.
  1. Your business isn’t ready for any sort of transition yet.

And the list may go on.


Here’s the cold reality. Someone IS going to win the upcoming election. And it may not necessarily be who you hope it is.

But regardless of who is in office, you DO have a choice for how you will transition your chiropractic business.

To a degree, you CAN control the speed, the value and the manner in which you exit.

And the sooner you begin to PLAN, the better your results will be — even if you don’t plan on fleeing the country.


Your other option is to freeze. To panic. To wait. And, likely, to get much less than the true value of your practice and your life’s work.


So instead of sitting there sweating the election results or fretting about your future, join us Thursday June 30 for our FREE WEBINAR: Sell, Switch or Slow Down: How to Maximize the Value of Your Chiropractic Practice Sale or Transition and Minimize Costly Mistakes

And start planning for a positive future that’s in your control rather than leaving it to chance in the hands of a candidate you don’t like and you can’t do much about.

Hope to “see you” on the webinar!