Chiropractic Consulting CLIENT TESTIMONIALS

Praise for Dr. Necela’s Chiropractic Coaching programs:

 Tom has helped guide me from an overworked & frustrated owner of one practice to a business-owner with 5 clinics and 28 staff; he is a trusted advisor, and by far the best consultant that our profession has by a long shot…[Read More] — Mike Bourbonnais, DC (Seattle, WA)

Working with Dr. Necela has allowed me to finally become a doctor – and stop being a frustrated, micro-managing business owner…[Read More]   — Nicole Adamson, DC (Lacey, WA)

In just over two months, with the help of the new protocols Dr. Tom installed in my practice, my clinic is booming! Our collections are up nearly 40% — which is incredible!  Even better, patient visit numbers are only up slightly (so I’m NOT working harder) but…[Read More]  — Jason Denn, DC (Chippewa Falls, WI)

He set my mind at ease & helped me to make a system to run MY office more efficiently. Dr. Tom Necela is why I am still practicing and actually look forward to driving to work now instead of driving away! [Read More]– Kellie Baxter, DC (Woodstock, GA)

I’ve moved from a coaching skeptic to an extremely satisfied client who absolutely trusts Tom’s opinions and would recommend him highly to any DC looking to improve!…[Read More–] Blake Wayson DC (Cedar Falls, IA)

I cannot express how much Dr. Tom’s coaching has helped my practice…[Read More] Bobbie Hemmelman, DC (Vancouver, WA)

I began implementing Tom’s suggestions (and have barely scratched the surface) but after one year, the math speaks for itself — I earned a 15:1 return on my investment! [Read More]– Christoper V. Hill, DC (Seattle, WA)

Tom’s recommendations have led to a vibrant multi-dimensional practice that is compliant & ready for even more growth. I recommend Tom’s coaching to anyone looking to grow, become more efficient, add services & keep compliant…[Read More] —Patrick Bourlon, DC (Hillsboro, OR)

Tom’s smarter not harder is perfect because it aligns with productivity and efficiency, not busyness and worry. Tom helped me achieve these goals and piece of mind so quickly. You can trust Tom to help with your tailored goals unlike a lot of other consultants that promote sales tactics etc…[Read More] — Trevor Stauber, DC (McMinnville, OR)

I can’t recommend Dr. Tom highly enough. His systems and information will give you the power to pull off a successful life and practice, by clarifying what you do and who you are, rather than compromising or following blindly along with someone else’s formula for success!”…[Read More] — Dana Weary and Kelli Pearson, DC ( Spokane, WA)

Tom, I can honestly say, without hesitation, that you are the best business consultant I have ever worked within my 18 years of practice. My only regret is that I didn’t hire you earlier in my career! [Read More]– Dan Bukofchan, DC (Brookville, IN)

Dr. Tom – You are the best! I want you to know that your help has been invaluable. I am making the changes you’ve suggested and we are seeing great progress already… [Read More]– Annie Armstrong, DC (Edmonds, WA)

Dr. Necela bettered our understanding of our working and billable relationship by and between health insurance providers which also increased revenue..[ReadMore]–Emil Nardone, DC (Benwood, WV)

Tom, Things are going well! We are on pace to bill over $150K+ increase over last year…[Read More]– George Keogh, DC (Tacoma, WA)

Your systematic approach has made it easier for me to sleep at night and to create a more profitable practice… [Read More]– Marty Henschell, DC (Bonney  Lake,WA)

Tom has provided us with the tools and the confidence that we are coding and billing properly in our practice…[Read More] —Drs. Mike & Lisa Ilyankoff (Everett, WA)

Tom is hands down the best Business Consultant I have ever had.  He is an expert at what he does and keeps it simple for the rest of us…[Read More]–Eric Hanson, DC (Redmond, WA)