Many chiropractors are uncomfortable or inexperienced with the logistics of buying a chiropractic practice or starting one from scratch.  As a result, some docs stay in lousy associate positions for longer than they need to.

Fortunately, buying a chiropractic practice or making the decision to move in another direction doesn’t have to be a mystery!

In this webinar, Dr. Tom Necela of The Strategic Chiropractor will discuss the best strategies for buying a chiropractic practice vs starting one from scratch — as well as how to determine IF you are ready to buy a practice or not.

Additionally, he’ll talk about how to “break up” with your employer if it’s time to search for a new chiropractic job — and how to find one.

Here’s just some of what you will learn in this vital webinar:

  • The key factors and formula to determine if you are a good candidate for buying a chiropractic practice or for starting one from scratch (or whether you should stay the course as an associate).

  • Common & costly mistakes DC’s make when deciding to take their next career step towards a new associate job, starting a practice or buying an established chiropractic practice.

  • Discover why the LOCATION of your practice or job can significantly impact the value of your income and the quality of your opportunities.

  • How to create the best timing for your valuation when considering a transition to your associate or when structuring a buy-in or buy-out agreement.

  • Common methods used for valuing a chiropractic practice & how to spot a deal! (If you are considering buying a chiropractic practice, you must know this!!)

  • Learn how you can find the best chiropractic practices to buy, associate opportunities or ownership scenarios.

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Buy, Build or Break Up: How to Make Your Next & Best Chiropractic Career Move to Purchase a Chiropractic Practice, Start One From Scratch or Get a New Associate Job