Coaching Client Case Study #97

Nicole-AdamsonI originally went to one of Dr. Tom’s seminars about 5 years ago when I was first starting practice and I literally knew nothing.  5 years later I was in a place where I had a steady volume of patients, things were moving along well but I started to realize that this whole chiropractic/owning a business/managing a staff thing was really challenging.  I was starting to feel the “burn” of practice and I needed a boost.  The money that was coming in was good, but I knew it could be better.  My staff was very personable and lovely to our patients, but they weren’t collecting as much as I knew we should be.  My billing manager was barely making our monthly goal, and the write-offs she was taking were excessive.  I remembered how impressed I was by Dr. Necela, so I gave him a shout to ask for help.

Tom has given me that boost that I was looking for.  He has coached me through my toughest year in practice with staff changes, billing changes, and expansion of my practice.  We have maximized our productivity in patient scheduling, collections over the counter, and more effective billing procedures.  My volume of patients has increased and so have our profits. The best part about this experience was that Tom wasn’t trying to stick me in a cookie cutter coaching pattern. He learned/adopted my way of practice, and then told me the changes I could make to really rock it.

I have now learned to distribute and administer more of the “work” to my staff and establish clear expectations for them.  I have learned to create specific protocols/procedures so that my practice continues to run smoothly.  This creates an amazing environment for our patients, alleviates my stress level, and keeps my staff happy so they want to stick around long term.  My experience in working with Dr. Necela has allowed me to finally become a doctor – and stop being a frustrated, micro-managing business owner.  I recommend him to anyone looking for the next level in their practice. Thank you for your help Tom!  Nicole Adamson, DC — Adamson Chiropractic (Lacey, WA)

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