Coaching Client Case Study #92

Tom, Things are going well! We are on pace to bill
over $1 mil this year, that is $150K+ over last year
and more importantly collections are improving also.
I have good staff and improving everything that we
can improve every day. I have an opportunity to open a
second clinic in an indoor sports center which was
a goal of mine to do something like this that I wrote
down over 2 years ago…funny how that works! I have
implemented a lot of what you suggested and am still
working on getting it all together. To sum up, I
hired you in the middle of the most stressful time in my
practice career, got rid of most of my staff, had horrible issues with billing, upset my whole patient
base, a cross the board raised every one of my fees to what you suggested, I was sliding by with poor
clinical documentation and 9 months later…after doing only part of what you suggested, I am at the
height of productivity with all the room in the world to grow well beyond where I am! Your service and
unique background should be required for every chiropractor…our profession benefits from you. You could triple your fees and still be undercharging. Thank You!-