Coaching Client Case Study #65

Blake waysonI’ve been in practice for 9 years and have always b een very skeptical of Practice Management groups or coaches for the simple reason I didn’t want them totell me how to deliver patient care. But I’ve been  reading Dr. Tom’s articles in Chiropractic magazines and then on his email blog for about 5 years now and finally made the decision to seek his help after listening to a live webinar.
The main reason I sought his help was concerning documentation and making sure we were doing it
adequately and correctly. We’re getting ready to build a new office and didn’t want something to
jeopardize the successful practice we’ve built from scratch. Tom did a documentation review of our notes, and learneda lot of processes we could improve on and have thus made the changes and now feel a lot more comfortable. Along the way I also gained more awareness of other areas in our practice that could use some fine tuning. The website we gained access to (as Elevate Coaching members) is full of great ideas and clarifications on many aspects of our chiropractic business. At no point did I feel like I was being sold on anything nor did he tell me how to care for my patients. He catered our time together to what my specific needs were, and I am very grateful for that approach. I’ve moved from a coaching skeptic to an extremely satisfied client who absolutely trusts Tom’s opinions and
would recommend him highly to any DC looking to improve!
 Blake Wayson DC — Wayson Family Chiropractic (Cedar Falls, IA)

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