Coaching Client Case Study #48

dana_weary kelli_pearson“After 33 years in practice together, my wife and I (both DCs) began to lament that we had been too kind with associates, too enabling with patients and too lax with staff, so that we wound up working harder than anyone we know, for much less money than we felt we deserved. We have worked with a couple of other practice consultants, but they kept trying to force us into their high volume mold, or get us to give up the fun part of practice, i.e., watching patients improve under our own hands with ART and other approaches, just because delegation made more business sense.

Dr. Necela has a great mind for business, as well as an open and flexible approach towards practice and is never of the opinion that you should do anything in practice that you are not proud of or feel ethically committed to. Ignorance may be bliss, but trying to untangle the challenges of getting paid for extra time with patients by using ART and other soft tissue methods has been a bane for us, with lots of money left on the table, some of which was simply due to bad management and trusting lackadaisical employees we were trying to “parent” into better behavior, and at the same time, remaining ignorant of better business practices.

The level of common sense offered by Dr. Tom’s approach and advice is powerful, and unfortunately, rare, but you will likely soon find yourself onboard, scratching your head, wondering why you ever bought into someone else’s version of what you should do with your practice and your place in this profession. That common sense, coupled with the depth of information and timely awareness of developments within the profession, make me so grateful that I managed to take a couple of seminars with him, and eventually become a client.

I now have a road map towards a happier, more efficient office, a retirement within just a few years, and lots of options for doing what I do, with wonderful, trained and supportive staff behind me, while getting paid for what I know I should be paid for. It is work, but with a purpose, rather than blindly stabbing around in the dark, trusting uninterested staff to come to my rescue, or for patients to psychically understand what we are about and choosing to support us beyond what they perceive as a fair arrangement.

I can’t recommend Dr. Tom highly enough. His systems and information will give you the power to pull off a successful life and practice, by clarifying what you do and who you are, rather than compromising or following blindly along with someone else’s formula for success!”

-Dana Weary, DC, DABCO and Kelli Pearson, DC– Pearson and Weary Clinic (Spokane, WA)