Coaching Client Case Study #46

kellie baxterI can not say enough good things about Dr. Tom Necela and the
Elevate Coaching program.I had pretty much made up my mind
to quit the profession when I signed up with Dr. Tom. I thought
I would give this one month and if I didn’t feel any better
about where I was in 30 days with this coach then I’d get
out of the program and chiropractic for good. I tried several
other coaches and consultants over the 11 years that I have
been in practice and no one ever helped me like Dr. Tom. It
seemed like the other companies were only interested
in a few things: My wallet, long contracts, and additional
products they could sell. Crazy right? They were supposed
to be helping me. Even though I had managed to maintain a
successful practice for over 10 years I just wanted out and my
statistics started to reflect my thoughts. My first strategy session with Dr. Tom went like this: “I’m completely burned out. Nothing left mentally! The worst stats I have ever had! I am bombarded daily with emails and ads about being audited and I am so terrified that I may not have documented something properly that I have practically stopped billing for the services I am doing. I am up ALL night charting. I can’t sleep. My  staff is making me insane. I feel like I have to do EVERYTHING! If you can’t help me I am literally running away.” Dr. Tom has helped me so much. He is AMAZING! His program is tailored completely to YOUR individual needs. He looked at my documentation, my billing, my EHR. He answered MY questions, MY concerns. He made sure I was doing everything correctly. He helped me customize my EHR templates. He set my mind at ease & helped me to make a system to run MY office more efficiently. He even helped me by just being there as a resource, sounding board & support system. Dr. Tom Necela is why I am still practicing and actually look forward to driving to work now instead of driving away!