Coaching Client Case Study #40

Dr. Necela has a gift for taking the complex task of
implementing good billing, coding and documentation
practices and weaving them seamlessly into your
existing office procedures. I hired Dr. Necela to audit my
practice procedures and what I got back from him was a
highly detailed 20+ page “Report of Findings” with a
step-by-step, prioritized action plan, both for the doctors
and staff. I literally cried when I saw Tom’s analysis of the
massive potential I had for improving my practice. I
began implementing Tom’s suggestions (and have barely
scratched the surface) but after one year, the math speaks for itself — I earned a 15:1 return on my investment! The best part is that my initial expense of hiring Dr. Necela will continue to produce benefits for years to come as I still have much to do and have barely scratched the surface on implementing all his suggestions! I highly recommend you hire Dr. Necela for increased profitability and peace of mind. –