Coaching Case Study #101

bobbie hemmelman

Dr. Tom is wonderful!   He is not a coach who tries to change your practice into a mirror of his practice.  He truly wants to help you Elevate YOUR Practice and remove the bad habits and road blocks, streamline procedures and fix the problems that are holding you back.  Dr. Tom does this in a very manageable way by prioritizing things and working on one or two things at a time.  Be prepared to work though.  If you have no intention of changing things and looking at yourself as part of the problem, then Dr. Tom’s coaching program is not for you.  He will personally check in and even if you have a set-back, he will encourage you to put the wheels back on the bus and keep driving.  I cannot express enough how much Dr. Tom has helped my practice!!

Bobbie Hemmelman, DC Woodlawn Wellness Clinic (Vancouver, WA)