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How to Systematically Increase Quality New Patient Referrals in Your Chiropractic Business

  • Do you want to increase the number of new patients in your practice?
  • Would you also like to improve the quality of those new patients?
  • Does you have a current referral system in place or do patient referrals come randomly from a small percentage of your practice base?
  • Do you have a systematic process in place for obtaining the best possible source of new patients or do you get referrals by default (or not at all)?

Most chiropractors would agree that referrals typically represent the best source of new patients.  But referrals are not only a sign of a job well done and a happy customer. They give the greatest return on our investment when compared to traditional advertising, external marketing or other new patient acquisition methods.

Despite this, the majority of chiropractors have few – if any – strategies in place to cultivate a large number (high quantity) and/or high quality referrals.

Instead, most of us rely upon the “random generosity” of our patients to refer to us their friends, family and co-workers. And the results show.  New patient numbers are either stagnant or haphazard and they stay that way for the life of the practice.

But this doesn’t make logical sense.  If referrals are the byproduct of a successful service delivered and a job well done, shouldn’t the number of referrals continually increase over time?  After all, the longer you are in practice, the larger your patient base grows.  Simple math should then dictate that if the number of possible people who can refer grows, the number of referrals should also increase.

The “Default” Referral System is Broken

Unfortunately, referrals by “default” – which is what we just described – doesn’t work for a number of reasons.  Patients lose interest in you when their care is complete.  Patients make incorrect assumptions about your need for referrals.  Patients feel unappreciated when they do refer.  Patients don’t know the outcome of their referrals.  Patients have no incentive to refer. Etc. Etc.

For all these reasons and more, referrals by default will eventually fail.  Which then makes sense with why a doctor in business 10, 15 or 20 years has approximately the same number of referral based new patients each month, year after year.

Stimulate, Not Manipulate Referrals!

A few chiropractors try to counterbalance the natural declining default referral process but unfortunately, they utilize robotic or heavy handed sales techniques in place to manipulate referrals. This often leaves the chiropractor feeling like a cheesy used car salesman.  Predictably, the long term results of these approaches are varied as the DC has to “work up” the energy to utilize these heavy handed techniques.

Stimulating referrals, on the other hand, allows chiropractors to utilize a non-sales-y, systematic, consistent referral systems that produce little pressure and lasting results. Ultimately, such referral programs allow you  to work smarter to increase both the quantity and quality of new patients.

More New Patients, Better New Patients With Less Effort!

The SMARTER Referrals program will show you how to build consistent, effective, efficient referrals and systematize your whole referral process so that you can easily reproduce your great results over and over again.

SMARTER Referrals are built upon the following principles:

  • Simple – great referral programs should be simple so you can do or delegate it easily
  • Measurable – so you track progress and determine what programs work best and which patients refer the most.
  • Authoritative  – the best referral programs convey and leverage your authority so you can harness the power of many and receive multiple referrals rather than laboring one person, one referral at a time.
  • Regular –  to be truly effective, referrals programs need to be systematically applied, as opposed to a sporadic programs that are inconsistently applied and/or produces inconsistent results.
  • Team Driven – so that the bulk of your referrals can be handled and generated by your staff, as opposed to being dependent entirely on you.
  • Educational – the best programs educate and stimulate patients to refer, as contrasted with lousy ones that offer up guilt ridden and gimmicky sales-pitches.
  • Ready – your referral system should be ready to stimulate referrals in a timely manner, when patients are most likely to refer

The “SMARTER Referrals” program includes:

  • Written manual with step-by-step instructions on How to Systematically Increase Quality New Patient Referrals in Your Chiropractic Business ($149 value)
  • Audio CD’s of the entire SMARTER Referrals Program ($99 value)
  • Forms CD with sample referral program templates, worksheets and other resources to help you quickly build referrals without reinventing the wheel. ($79 value)
  • eBook on CD of the entire program so you can download it to your computer for easy-access and safe-keeping. ($79 value)

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