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Most of you reading this have heard about Papa John’s Pizza… it’s the third largest pizza company in the USA (maybe the world?).

What you may not know – is that Papa John’s has won more awards for marketing brilliance and franchise excellence than it has for the quality of its pizza.  In other words, the “true genius” of Papa Johns lies not in its “technical competency” of making good pizzas but in its superior ability to create profitable SYSTEMS to propel the company to success.

But for the real story… keep reading!

Papa Johns founder, John Schnatter, dreamed of opening his own pizza restaurant from the time he was a high school student working at a local pizza parlor in Jeffersonville, Indiana. After getting his business degree from Ball State University in 1983, he returned home, knocked down the broom closet in his father’s tavern, sold his car to buy used restaurant equipment and began delivering pizzas. The first Papa John’s restaurant opened in 1985, and the company began franchising in 1986. Today, Schnatter’s dream has resulted in over 3,000 Papa John’s restaurants worldwide.

What Papa John knew – that Chiropractors NEED!

John knew he could make a great pizza, but he also knew that marketing and systems (protocols) were the secrets to a successful business. For those of you who have worked for any franchise or fast food restaurant, you will probably not find this to be a surprising fact.  Most chain restaurants have an elaborate training manual with detailed instructions on “what to do when…”

In fact, the headline of this article is paraphrased from one of the famous training modules from  Papa John’s.  When they have 134 pizza orders on a Friday night, they take all of the telephones off the hook because they’re reached capacity. Then, when they catch up, the phones go back on and they start taking orders again.

If a customer complains about their pizza being delivered late, they turn to page “X” and there’s also a protocol for that. Get the idea?

The real question, however, is…

How to Apply Billion Dollar Protocols to Your Office?

In other words:

  • How do you get maximum productivity and minimal time-wasting out of staff in up-times and down times?
  • What do you do when you have ROF, a walk-in PI Case and a jam packed schedule all at 5pm on a Monday night?
  • What does your CA say when a patient decides to cancel all remaining appointments they had scheduled for the next month.
  • How do you handle the late comer, the early bird and the talkative patient who always takes extra time – when they all arrive together?

The Answers Are Simple — When You Have a Protocol!

In fact, like most franchises, simplicity allows just about anyone over the age of 16 to know what to do and run the show effectively.

What if there was a similar protocol “cook-book” to the one that John Schattner uses at Papa Johns… for chiropractors?

Well, the great news is that I gathered the “best of” systems, protocols and procedures from practices around the country (and even through in some fantastic systems I learned from my friend who runs a $4M solo-dental practice).

These gems are now assembled in one amazing resource,

“What to Do When: The Chiropractic Office Protocol Book.”


This life-changing book will tell you exactly how to run your business and how to handle the all-too common “exceptions” and regular occurrences that foul up our practice and our profitability.

If you think you cannot handle the simple, simple ease of it all, STOP READING NOW… and continue to muddle through the everyday fiascos in your office!

If you’re ready to simplify things for your staff, yourself, and your patients… CONTINUE ON…

Here’s some of what the Chiropractic Office Protocol Book covers:

  • The Ten Things We Don’t Say Protocol
  • The Vacation Protocol
  • The Unanticipated Schedule Gap Protocol
  • The Accountability Protocol
  • The 120-Day Rule Protocol
  • The “We Really Like You, But Can’t Afford To Stay With You” Protocol
  • The Certified Letter Protocol
  • The “What Should I Be Doing?” Protocol
  • The “Nordstrom’s” Protocol
  • The Start of Day Protocol
  • The One Hour Before You Practice Protocol
  • Twenty-One-Years-Old or Younger Protocol
  • Morning Meeting Protocol
  • Morning Meeting Agenda
  • Front Desk Business Financial Meeting Protocol
  • The Ready To Work Protocol
  • The “One Hour A Day Open” Protocol
  • The Dale Carnegie Protocol
  • The “It Still Hurts” Protocol ‘
  • The Picking Up Additional Work Protocol
  • The Patient Refuses the Recommended Schedule Protocol
  • The “I Know We Goofed” Protocol
  • The “I’m Not Feeling So Well” Protocol
  • The “Are We Pushing the Envelope?” Protocol
  • Front Desk Coverage Protocol
  • The Disgruntled Patients Protocol
  • The Late Comer Protocol (Do you see them or not?)
  • The Most Valuable Resource List Protocol
  • The Answering The Phone With A Patient In Front Of You Protocol
  • The New Patient Phone Call Protocol
  • Leaving the Office During the Day Protocol
  • The Written List of Expectations Protocol
  • Three Phrases To Use After Hearing A Patient’s Problem Protocol
  • The Husband And Wife Protocol
  • Taking A Cancellation Protocol
  • And More!

***********SPECIAL BONUS***********

You also get a sample CHIROPRACTIC EMPLOYEE MANUAL as a Special Bonus!

This 41 page manual covers all the “rules” and policies your employees need to know and you need to have in place for a smooth running clinic — attendance, dress code, vacation, office policies, etc. Don’t make the mistake of assuming your employees understand your expectations – make them clear and in writing for all to see and agree to.  They’re all contained in the CHIROPRACTIC EMPLOYEE MANUAL, done for you, so you can use it as it, revise, add, delete or customize it to suit your own needs!

Why “reinvent the wheel?”

We’ve done the work for you!

Some folks spend years developing training resources like this.  Even more should —but never get around to it.   We’ve done the work for you and taken hints, examples and techniques from the “best of the best” chiropractic offices around the country.

One more thing…

If you have spent money on marketing in the past, are presently using your hard-earned dollars to generate new patients, or plan to in the future, you owe it to yourself to purchase this book so that you literally don’t flush money down the toilet!

Unfortunately, I see too many chiropractors spending gargantuan heaps of time and money on attracting new patients…only to let them slip out the back door due to poor systems, procedures or a lack of protocols.

What to Do When: The Chiropractic Office Protocol Book is the critical, concrete tool that your office needs to prevent money being silently siphoned from your practice and to building a solid, systematic successful chiropractic machine that can run smoothly without fire extinguishers, stress balls or your constant input, energy and effort.

79 Protocols in All!

(But It Only Takes 1 To Pay for Itself!)

It’s difficult to put a price on something as valuable as a Chiropractic Office Protocol Book.  After all, the trial and error, blood, sweat and tears that went into the development of some of these systems is priceless.  Literally, you just can’t put a price tag on learning from the mistakes of others and having access to practical and effective protocols such as these that will help accelerate your learning curve by standing on the shoulders of giants! Literally, implementing one protocol successfully can pay for the price of this book — and provide returns for years to come!  And when you have 79 different protocols contained (plus the bonus Employee Manual), the potential return on your investment is exponentially HUGE! 

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To Your Success!

Tom Necela, DC

The Strategic Chiropractor

P.S.  Where would your practice be today if you had a protocol manual like this 20 years ago?

P.S.S.  This Book Will Change Your Expectations, Your Profitability, and Your Stress Level… Act Now To Claim Your Copy!  Don’t Miss Out!