FREE Chiropractic Billing Toolkit!

The Chiropractic Billing Toolkit contains:

  • 7 Audit Targets Chiropractors Want to Avoid  (PDF article)
    How many of these targets are aimed at your chiropractic practice? Protect your business and your profits by being aware of what triggers an audit!


  • 3 FREE Protocol Checklists(PDF sample)
    Stop flying by the seat of your pants and develop systems and procedures to make your chiropractic practice efficient and profitable!


  • 2 Sample Appeal Letters (Customizable MS Word docs)
    Research shows that up to 30% of claims are processed incorrectly, yet only 8% appeal. Amazingly, 60% of appeals win!  Get 2 free sample appeals and win back your hard earned money!
  • Insurance Verification Form (PDF sample)
    Old-school insurance verification just doesn’t cut it anymore.  As payers roll out new hoops for you to jump through, your verifications need to step it up to the next level as well.  Get rid of your 1982 forms and use 21st century strategies to ensure that you are paid.