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 Step 1: Order Your Valuation Here

Use the buttons or links on this page to order your chiropractic practice valuation, so we can begin to determine the current value of your business.

Step 2:  Submit the Required Items

After you order the valuation, you will receive an email with detailed instruction on how to submit your items.  For example, you can upload your items to via a secure and encrypted link that we’ll send, or you can email or fax your items. Snail mail is also available, although due to the transit and time needed to scan items, that does slow the process down a bit.

For a detailed list of the items required for the valuation, see the FAQ section below.

Step 3:  Valuation is Done in 2 Weeks

Once you submit the required items for your valuation, we will have your appraisal completed within 2 weeks. Our team may reach out to clarify some items so that we understand any unique aspects of your situation clearly, but since we perform approximately 100 valuations each year, exclusively for chiropractors, we’ve got a fast turn around time!

Step 4: Valuation Report & Strategy Plan 

When your valuation is complete, you will receive a written report of value that details the methods used to appraise your business and determine fair market value of your business. With this, we also include a discussion of strategies to determine the best price point for your needs, options to move forward and how we may be able to help you!

Step 5:  Your Sale or Transition Plans

Once you know your chiropractic practice value, you can clearly decide which next step is best for you — and we can help you with any of the steps along the way. 

If you want to put your practice on the market to find a buyer, we can act as your broker to coordinate the sale. 

If you already have a defined buyer, then we can act as your “business intermediary” or consultant to walk you and your buyer through the next steps of your sale or transition. 

And if you want to sell the practice yourself, you can use our written report to substantiate the value and go that route too. 

Or if the best move is to wait, continue to work in your business & build, you now have an estimate of the value of your practice and our discussion will include tips on how to maximize your sale value and/or the attractiveness of your practice if you choose to wait and sell later. 

The choice is yours on how you will use the valuation to launch your sale or transition plans – and we are happy to help with the best route and timing for YOU!

What Our Clients Are Saying…

I would have sold my practice for pennies on the dollar without Dr. Tom…

If I did not have the help of Dr. Tom Necela and the Strategic Chiropractor team, I would have sold my practice for pennies on the dollar! Dr. Tom helped me from A to Z and I would definitely recommend that anyone looking to buy, transition or sell a chiropractic practice get his help!

MARIO FUCINARI, DC – Past President, Illinois Chiropractic Society.
Nationally Recognized Speaker on Chiropractic Billing, Coding & Compliance

Dr. Tom & Team Were Excellent from the Beginning to the End…

Dr. Tom, I appreciated their feedback during the challenges (caused by COVID, the buyer, the attorneys and the building owner) that were presented along the way. They helped me get to the finish line and made the process easier during the most unusual time in our country’s history – COVID 19 pandemic. Thank you again!


Dr. Tom earned every penny of his commission & then some – during COVID!

Tom did an amazing job for me. During COVID, the deal was more complicated and difficult. I could not fathom trying to do this myself or with someone less experienced. Both me, as the seller, and the new Doc, the buyer, are very appreciative of his diligence and expertise. He guided us both through out and was quick responding to questions or solving problems. He earned every penny of his commission, and then some. Strategic Chiropractor is a 5 Star organization all the way. Thank you Tom!


Dr. Tom is a treasure in the chiropractic profession who helped my practice sale dreams come true…

After listening to Dr Necela’s webinars for years I finally made the decision to sell my practice. I have built a practice over 30 years and always dreamed of selling it and then working there for the new owner. Dr. Tom Necela & the Strategic Chiropractor team helped me achieve that dream. He exceeded my expectations at every step especially by working evenings and weekends with the buyer to negotiate a purchase/employment contract that was win-win. He is a treasure in our great profession and the only one you should hire to guide you through a chiropractic exit transition!


Dr. Tom was wonderful to work with as we sold our chiropractic practice to move out of state!

Dr. Tom Necela & the Strategic Chiropractor team were wonderful to work with as we transitioned out of our Portland, Oregon practice due to a move out of state. He was able to find new, motivated, highly qualified buyers for our practice through his vast network of connections in the chiropractic community and I feel confident everything was handled well through the entire process. Two thumbs up!

LAUREN McCABE, DC -Owner of Innovative Pain & Performance in Naples, FL)

My Sale Would Not Have Been Possible Without Dr. Tom! Highly Recommended…

Thank you so much Dr. Tom and staff for all the help you gave me in selling my practice. You took myself and the new Doctor by the hand and walked us thru all the steps to make it work. Without your knowledge and experience finding banks to loan for chiropractic business I don’t think it would have been possible. I would highly recommend your services to any chiropractor looking to sell their

DAN MURPHY, DC – Santa Maria, CA

Five Stars!  Highly Recommended Sold During COVID Pandemic!

Selling a chiropractic practice can be stressful and painfully long, but Dr. Necela facilitated the sale of my practice and provided guidance each step of the way – from the valuation to transitioning the practice after the sale to the new doctor. My sister (an attorney) commented that my sale was remarkably quick (despite an interruption from COVID), your contracts  were solid & straightforward. Based on all of this, I highly commend your brokering skills Dr. Necela & Strategic Chiropractor team!


Dr. Tom is definite THE chiropractic expert on practice sales…

Dr. Necela has been amazing to work with. He is definitely our chiropractic profession’s expert on practice evaluation and chiropractic practice sales. He was able to help me establish a fair price and obtain multiple offers. Even though the sale took some time to complete he stayed with me to the end. Because he is so good at what he does, he is very busy. However he always returned my calls and answered my questions on a timely basis. I really appreciate his expertise and hard work and I would recommend his services to anyone wanting to sell or transition their practice!


I Could Not Have Sold My Practice Without You!

I have learned so much from you and your team during the process of selling my practice. I could not have sold my chiropractic business without you and would highly recommend The Strategic Chiropractor to anyone looking to sell or transition their chiropractic practice!


Post-Cancer, My Practice Sale Has Been a Blessing…

After two bouts of cancer, surgeries & trying to hold my business together over the last several years, my practice sale has been a blessing for me and my family! Thank you for all your help in getting us there!


I don’t know any brokers who would’ve gone the extra mile!

Thanks for all your hard work in helping me sell one of my chiropractic offices. I am grateful you helped me not overlook the obvious buyer who now owns my former practice. The transition went quickly as you kept everything moving along and ultimately, you came through and made it happen. Better still, I appreciate all your help before and after the sale to make the process go smoothly. I don’t know of any practice brokers who would have gone that extra mile like you did to help me get my practice sold!

Past President – Washington State Chiropractic Association

I hate to think what a “hot mess” I would’ve been in without you…

Dr. Tom, I would like to say again THANK YOU for all your help selling my chiropractic practice! You are really great at what you do and I’ve already recommended you to several colleagues. I would like to think that I might have been able to do this without you, but I hate to think about what a “hot mess” I would have been in for the past 6 months! Your team has been a pleasure to work with and your constant positivity meant a lot to me when things felt like they were bogging down. If I can ever help you in any way, as far as recommendations, or anything else, it will be my pleasure to do!

PAUL HENRY, DC – Baltimore, MD // Past President, Maryland Chiropractic Association

Diligence & Incredible Communication During My Sale!

Thanks Tom! I appreciate all your help. You & your team have made this transition a very good experience. Thank you for your diligence & the incredible communication, be it through conversation, email or prepared documentation. You run a tight ship! THANK YOU!!


I Am Unequivocally Ready to Sell After Your Expert Valuation..

After a horrifyingly long failed attempt at getting my practice appraised and on the market with another broker, your organizational flow of details during the valuation is exactly what my brain appreciates and omggggoshhh, the seamless style vs. the strained struggle of constantly asking “next step?” to my prior experience is freeing and joyful now, thank you! From the first phone call with you and ‘passing the test’, I have not wavered from trusting you and your experience of ‘been there, done that’. I am so ready to sell – let’s get this done!!


Dr. Tom sold my practice much faster than expected, for a fair price, with ease…

Dr. Tom Necela & the Strategic Chiropractor team helped sell my practice much faster than expected for a fair price. He and his group were very responsive and were able to grasp the details of a unique transition. We had multiple offers within a few months for a decent sized practice with one DC leaving shortly and one in a few years so it was a combined sale of a partnership which can be difficult and Tom worked it with ease. (and lots of phone and emails) I have had 3 other DC’s in my area all retire in the last 6 months and just close up shop without successfully selling the practice on their own. Believe me, it’s not worth the time and effort to try it on your own.

JAMES HOWELL, DC – Cincinnati, OH

If you’re serious about the success of your exit, work with Dr. Tom!

Before Tom, I spent $10,000 on 2 practice brokers to help transition and sell to my associate. They both failed, but Tom stepped in and guided us to a win-win solution. If you’re serious about the success of your chiropractic practice sale or exit strategy, you should strongly consider working with Dr. Tom!

DOUG COX, DC – Past President Unified Virginia Chiropractic Association, Logan College Board of Trustees

I still can’t believe it happened — I’m absolutely thrilled that you helped me so much…

Dr. Tom, it was an absolute pleasure working with you and the Strategic Chiropractor team. I cannot thank you enough. The good Lord really used you in a big way to be able to get me off the train I was thinking I would never be able to exit! I still can’t believe it happened and I’m just absolutely thrilled that I met you and that you help me so much. I will be forever grateful. May God bless you and Strategic DC in the future!!

DAVID GIRGENTI, DC – Rockville, IL // Recognized in America’s Guide to Top Chiropractors by Consumer Research Council of America

About Our Chiropractic Practice Sale And Transition Programs

I didn’t plan to help chiropractors sell or transition their practice, but…looking back at my own practice sale, there were so many elements in the process that could have been improved to help BOTH me and my buyer. After years helping clients work smarter IN their business, I began to assist them with their practice transition and sale starting by planning sooner, reviewing options and then walking them through the phases of their sale – so that they could all avoid the common and costly mistakes that I felt could have been prevented in my own sale. Fast forward a decade, this is now the focus of the work we do at Strategic Chiropractor. So whether you are looking for a chiropractic practice broker to sell your business, a consultant to help walk you through the steps or a coach to help you grow (then sell) — I’d love to help you work SMARTER getting OUT of practice!”


Q: What items do you need to appraise or value my chiropractic practice?

A: Here is the list of items that we will need to perform your valuation below.  (After your order your valuation, we will send you a detailed copy of this list along with the methods that you can submit these items:

  • Basic Practice Stats (New Patients, Patient Visits, Collections, etc) – last 3 years
  • Profit & Loss Statements  – last 3 years
  • Compensation / Employee Payroll Information (Payroll Report) – last 3 years
  • Accounts Receivable Aging Report (showing total AR + current, 60, 90+ days)
  • Equipment Inventory or Current Depreciation Schedule (which will have your equipment listed)
Do you have any examples of practices that you've recently sold?

Yes! You can see our RECENTLY SOLD LISTINGS page here to see practices that we’ve sold nationwide, final sale price, % of listing price and the timeframe to sell.

Q: Do you help me find a buyer for my chiropractic practice? I don’t have anyone to sell it to…

A: Yes! We will take care of all the advertising and putting your practice on the market to find a prospect to buy your practice.

Q: What if I have an interested prospect already? What can you do to help me?

A: If you have a serious and qualified buyer, we can help you navigate the steps to “seal the deal” on your chiropractic practice sale through our transitions consulting program.  If you are not certain how serious they are, we can assist with determining that too.

Q: Do you help a buyer obtain financing? I don’t want to owner finance my practice.

A: Yes, we have a network of lenders that we work with to help your buyer find financing, as this is often one of the more challenging aspects of chiropractic practice sales.  We will also assist them with the process to ensure that they successfully obtain a loan to purchase your practice.

Can I have Strategic Chiropractor value my practice and then just sell it myself?

Yes, we can perfom a chiropractic practice valuation for your business and you’re under no obligation to utilize our services afterward. However, you should note that a recently published study on small business sales (all types, not just chiorpractic practices) found that business owners with less than $1Million in annual revenues have less than a 20% chance of selling their business without professional help.  In other words, over 80% of owners who try to sell their practice themselves will fail at doing so.

What if I choose to wait to list my practice after my valuation is complete - will I have to get another one done?

Not all of our clients list their practice immediately after the valuation.  However it is important to go to the market with the most current and accurate price for your practice.  So, if you choose to delay putting your practice on the market after your valuation, we will update it for FREE for you for up to 1 year after the initial valuation was performed.  That way, you’re not penalized for a small delay in starting your sale, but we’re not also trying to sell your practice based on an old and potentially inaccurate price point.

I already had a prior valuation done - can you use the valuation that I had done previously to list my practice?

We will review your prior valuation and make a determination on a case-by-case basis.  However, if your valuation is more than 1 year old and done by someone else, we cannot use it for several reasons: first, valuations are like milk and have only a limited time for usefulness before they “spoil” and are not helpful.  Secondly, many valuations we see done by others in the chiropractic profession can barely deserved to be called a professional valuation and instead more resemble a quick “back of the napkin” ballpark value.  No bank will lend on a ballpark value that establishes what your business is worth through the chiropractic rumor mill and most buyers need bank financing.  So it’s more than likely that if your valuation matches either of those criteria, we will need to perform our on appraisal to establish the Fair Market Value of your chiropractic business so that it can be positioned to sell!

Why do I even need a valuation? My Associate (or Friend or Colleague or Student or DC Down the Street) is already interested.

A valuation will be necessary to move forward for several reasons.  The biggest is a saying that we have around here: “everyone is interested until they know the price.”  So, just because someone expresses a level of interest does not mean that they can or will move forward at your price.  Even if they agree to a value that you established yourself, then that does not equate to Fair Market Value that is appropriate for a chiropactic business based on today’s marketplace and financing options.  Banks don’t know much about the chiropractic profession, so a proper valuation, using standard bank formulas (which is what we do) helps enable your buyer to obtain bank financing — and 85% of buyers NEED financing to be able to purchase.  Therefore, it’s highly likely that you will need a valuation to get your practice sold!

Have other questions we haven’t answered here?

Feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to help!

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