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About Transition Consulting

We help chiropractors navigate the steps and process of transitioning their practice by giving you the guidance and the tools you need to get there. The Chiropractic Transition Consulting program is designed to assist you & your prospect through the following exit strategy options:

— Chiropractic Practice Sale
— Sell & Switch (Owner Sells & Works As Associate)
— Associate Opportunities (Buy-In / Buy-Out)
— Hybrid Partnership
— Traditional Partnership
— Non-Traditonal Exit Strategies (split/partial sales, ESOPs, corporate mergers, investor sales & other creative options)

The Chiropractic Transitions Consulting program can help you at ANY phase of the process — whether you are just beginning or to assisting you navigate the terms & transition with your perfect prospect(s) or helping you “seal the deal” on a transition in the works!  Our program is comprehensive and flexible enough to meet your needs, right where you are.

To be eligible for Transitions Consulting, you must have a defined prospect in mind who you would like to transition to who has expressed interest in your practice sale or transition option you wish to pursue (see above for examples).


A Win-Win Transitions Testimonial…

After 32 years, I was ready to sell my practice at its peak. The only problem was that I wasn’t ready to quit and retire! With the help of Dr. Necela’s Transition Coaching program, I was able to achieve both goals.  Dr. Tom guided me and my associate through a 6-month process that resulted in a win-win transition for both of us. I should also mention that prior to working with Dr. Tom, I spent over $10,000 on two different practice brokers who both wanted an additional 8-10% on my sale and me out the door in 60 days.  Even though we never met in person, I count Dr. Tom as one of my greatest blessings because he took away all the the stress I had worrying about how to sell or transition my practice and put it in his extremely capable hands. If you are serious about transitioning your practice, I would strongly recommend the Transitions Coaching Program & Dr. Necela, who displays the highest integrity in the chiropractic consulting profession. 
— Doug Cox, DC [Charlottesville, VA] : Past President of the Unifed Virginia Chiropractic Association   




These are the typical stages of each transition & the primary projects we help coach you thru
to help get you there in the least amount of time, as smoothly as possible:


1: Plotting the Plan: Presenting Your Transition Offer To Your Prospect(s)

Once you understand the value of your business and the best possible routes to maximize that value, you need present the offer to your prospect(s). We will assist you in this process by speaking to your prospect and/or guiding you in how to attractively package your practice opportunity as well as help you be prepared for questions, curveballs and obstacles that may appearl, so that you and your prospect can confidently move down the path to your transition goals

2: Navigating the Negotiation Process With Your Prospect

If you don’t navigate negotiations properly, you can lose thousands of dollars by unintentionally giving away valuable assets or you can make critical mistakes that will cause your prospect to reject your offer altogether.  Few DC’s excel at negotiations so we guide you through best practices, strategies to move your transition forward AND we give you (and your prospect) the tips, tactics & perspective to make a win-win transition possible!

3: Financing Strategies: Leading Your Prospect To the Best Lenders

If your prospect can’t come up with the money to fund the transaction, all your negotiations work is for nothing. Unfortunately, not all banks like to lend to chiropractors & blindly allowing your buyer to choose any bank may result in a loan rejection and/or your prospect demanding that you finance it all. To prevent this, we help lead your prospect to the best lenders and/or advise you on financing options that best fit their situation & yours.

4: Creating Win-Win Sale Contracts & Transition Agreements

In theory, the contract phase should be simple, but in reality a lot can go wrong. You need proper timing, a contract that can be easily understood, legal and that provides you with enough protection and leverage to seal the deal correctly. We’ll show you when and how to create win-win contracts and agreements that get the job done and don’t leave you exposed to trouble or cause your prospect to walk away!

 5: Post-Transition Strategies: What Happens AFTER You Sign

Signing an agreement is not the end of your business venture, but the beginning of a new era. Here, we’ll help you finalize all the details such a insurance providership & business entity transfers, transitional billing strategies, coordinating payments, post-transition practice management & operational logistics. We’ll show you how to create a smooth & seamless transition so that you & your prospect will enjoy the fruits of your labors!

 Bonus 1: Contracts, Agreements, Letters & Templates

Our consulting clients have access to our “toolbox” of contracts, agreements, letters and templates that you need for your transition. Whether it’s a purchase and sale agreement, letter of intent, work agreement or other templates, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You’ll want your lawyer to review them to make sure they are legal in your state, but our templates save you tons of time & money paying lawyers to create them from scratch!

 Bonus 2: Unlimited Email Support

We understand that you may have lots of questions and need prompt answers to help guide you through your transition. That’s why our Transition Consulting clients enjoy priority email and unlimited support via a private, client-only email. This way, you are never far from our guided expertise and the answers you need to avoid making costly mistakes! Our Transition Consulting Clients get top priority and 98% of client emails receive a response or answer within one business day!

Bonus 3: Strategy Session Calls

Our Transition Consulting clients (and their prospects) also enjoy one-on-one Strategy Session calls with Dr. Tom Necela. Here, you will benefit from years of our transitions expertise, objective advice & perspective on how to create the best outcomes and strategies that fit your situation. Consulting clients receive up to two calls per month to help them strategize, plan & overcome obstacles when a simple email won’t do. Our Strategy Session calls are not only open to you (the client) but can be shared with your prospects as well, to help them better understand your transition, ask questions & help reach your transition goals!

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    • “Done-For-You” Transition Consulting for when you already have a prospective buyer!

    • Start at any phase! We walk you through each step of your transition. 

    • Private Coaching Calls with Dr. Necela for you & buyer

    • Initial Strategy Session Call to map out your gameplan

    • “Meet & Greet” Call with your prospect to present or clarify your opportunity

    • EMAIL Support to get quick help, guidance & questions answered promptly

    • Flexibility to join our commission program if plans change

    • Monthly membership = no large upfront fees and NO additional commission!


More Transition Coaching Testimonials

I would have sold my practice for pennies on the dollar without Dr. Tom…

If I did not have the help of Dr. Tom Necela and the Strategic Chiropractor team, I would have sold my practice for pennies on the dollar! Dr. Tom helped me from A to Z and I would definitely recommend that anyone looking to buy, transition or sell a chiropractic practice get his help!

MARIO FUCINARI, DC // Past President, Illinois Chiropractic Society.
Speaker on Billing, Coding & Compliance

Dr. Tom is definite THE chiropractic expert on practice sales…

Dr. Necela has been amazing to work with. He is definitely our chiropractic profession’s expert on practice evaluation and chiropractic practice sales. He was able to help me establish a fair price and obtain multiple offers. Even though the sale took some time to complete he stayed with me to the end. Because he is so good at what he does, he is very busy. However he always returned my calls and answered my questions on a timely basis. I really appreciate his expertise and hard work and I would recommend his services to anyone wanting to sell or transition their practice!


I don’t know any brokers who would’ve gone the extra mile!

Thanks for all your hard work in helping me sell one of my chiropractic offices. I am grateful you helped me not overlook the obvious buyer who now owns my former practice. The transition went quickly as you kept everything moving along and ultimately, you came through and made it happen. Better still, I appreciate all your help before and after the sale to make the process go smoothly. I don’t know of any practice brokers who would have gone that extra mile like you did to help me get my practice sold!

Past President – Washington State Chiropractic Association

I hate to think what a “hot mess” I would’ve been in without you…

Dr. Tom, I would like to say again THANK YOU for all your help selling my chiropractic practice! You are really great at what you do and I’ve already recommended you to several colleagues. I would like to think that I might have been able to do this without you, but I hate to think about what a “hot mess” I would have been in for the past 6 months! Your team has been a pleasure to work with and your constant positivity meant a lot to me when things felt like they were bogging down. If I can ever help you in any way, as far as recommendations, or anything else, it will be my pleasure to do!

PAUL HENRY, DC – Baltimore, MD // Past President, Maryland Chiropractic Association

Dr. Tom earned every penny of his commission & then some – during COVID!

Tom did an amazing job for me. During COVID, the deal was more complicated and difficult. I could not fathom trying to do this myself or with someone less experienced. Both me, as the seller, and the new Doc, the buyer, are very appreciative of his diligence and expertise. He guided us both through out and was quick responding to questions or solving problems. He earned every penny of his commission, and then some. Strategic Chiropractor is a 5 Star organization all the way. Thank you Tom!


Dr. Tom is by far the best consultant that our profession has by a long shot

Dr. Tom has helped guide me from an overworked and frustrated owner of one practice to a business-owner with 5 clinics and dozens of doctors & staff. He is a trusted advisor and by far the best consultant that our chiropractic profession has by a long shot!

MICHAEL BOURBONNAIS, DC // Founder, Tangelo Health with locations throughout Seattle & Portland

I could not have sold my chiropractic practice without you…

I have learned so much from you and your team during the process of selling my practice. I could not have sold my chiropractic business without you and would highly recommend The Strategic Chiropractor to anyone looking to sell or transition their chiropractic practice!”

PEGGY KISER-CROUCH, DC // First-ever Certified Active Release Technique Chiropractor in West Virginia

 Helping DC’s Nationwide


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Got a burning question? It may be answered already below!

Q: But What if I don't know if my prospect or buyer is a "solid" or qualified candidate?

A: In the consulting program, all of our clients already have a prospect which basically means that they have expressed interest in your practice and you at least have interest in them. We also understand that there are different levels of qualified candidates. For example, you may feel that a candidate is solid in terms of compatability (because you have worked with them as an associate or because you know them personally) but you are unclear if they are qualified financially. Similarly, you may know that your prospect is interested in your practice transition, but are uncertain about how the logistics will work out. These are typical challenges in ALL practice transition or sales. This is also why the Chiropractic Transitions consulting program is a monthly coaching program, with no contracts or commitment required. If, for some reason, we begin to go down the road of your transition and find that it would be better for you and your prospect to do this as a later time, you can simply “pause” your coaching program and resume at a later date. On the other hand, if you find that your prospect is not a good fit for any reason and you need to find a different candidate, you can transfer your coaching membership to one of our other programs where we can assist you in finding a perfect prospect for your transition option.

Q: Is there an "average" timeframe it takes for you to transition a client?

A: Once you have a buyer in place, one major piece of the puzzle is solved.  From that point, walking them through the aspects of your transaction (including negotiations, financing, contracts) and the transition after the sale generally takes 2-4 months.  If everything goes smoothly, the process can be quicker and rarely does the process take more than 6 months.

Q: What if my prospect has already agreed to my price & terms and we just need a contract?

A: If you are correct in assessing your situation, then you will move through the consulting program faster than most, but we do not just sell a contract for several reasons: First, we find that many docs who assume that their negotiations are complete really just have a generalized verbal agreement. Without negotiations truly being finalized, a contract just brings up specific issues and logistics that have not been discussed and causes your transition to go backward. The second thing to keep in mind is that just because you have agreed upon the price does not mean that your buyer will get a bank to agree on funding that price. If you want to avoid many revisions of your contract (which can cost you time and money), it’s best to move the financing piece forward as well.  Finally, we customize our contracts to your transition option and your specific situation. This is not more only time-efficient as it produces fewer revisions than some stock template agreement but it also cost-efficient as it will save you significant expenses in attorney fees.

Q: Speaking of Attorney Fees, are there other fees I should anticipate in the Transition Consulting program?

A:  Yes. You should plan for paying your CPA or Tax Advisor on how to best structure any sale or transition proceeds to minimize tax consequences. We are not licensed commercial real estate brokers, so if you plan to sell your building, you can anticipate real estate fees. In some transactions, it may be advisable to put money in Escrow and you will encounter some smaller fees there. Finally, we recommend that you have your contracts reviewed by a local attorney because each state interprets some of the legalities differently, particularly in the area of non-compete agreements. Therefore, your local attorney would be the best source to represent your interest in those matters.

Q: Do you charge a commission when my practice sells?

A: One of the the big advantages of the Transitions Consulting program is the potential to save significant fees on the typical broker commission (which can run from 8-12% of your sale price).  In the Transition Consulting program, we charge a monthly coaching fee of while you are in the program. Many of our clients simply do the math and realize that this route offers a tremendous savings advantage over the typical 8-12% business broker commission.  For example, a $300,000 sale via the broker route would cost $24,000 in commissions. Our average Transition Consulting client who completes the same sale in 2-4 months would pay only $4000-8000 ($2k/mo retainer)  — which means a savings of more than 50%!     

Q: What if I sell my building along with the practice? Do you charge a commission or fee on that?

A: No! Since we are not licensed commercial real estate agents, we can bring you the buyer for your business & building sale, but you pay no commission on the sale of your real estate. Essentially, this means you will sell your building for FREE (less any closing or associated real estate costs). Using this strategy, we’ve had clients save as much as $70,000 by using our coaching program instead of a traditional commercial real estate agent!  

Q: Can I switch to your Traditional Broker Commission Program if my buyer doesn't work out?

A: YES! If your current prospect does not work out, we can switch you to our other program to find a buyer for your practice. In those cases, we will credit the fees that you paid in the Transition Consulting program towards the commission on the sale of your practice – that way you don’t lose the $$ you’ve spent on your transition!

Q: Can I pause or cancel my coaching membership if something happens and changes my transition plans?

A: Yes! Chiropractic Transitions Consulting is a monthly coaching program, so you may pause or cancel your membership any time prior to your sale. We understand that unanticipated life events do happen that will prevent you from moving forward for a times, so just let us know and we will cancel or pause your membership as necessary. However, there are no refunds for any “unused” coaching or services and no refunds given for partial months in the coaching program.

Q: Can I join and pay over the phone instead of online?

A: Absolutely! Give us a call at 800-577-0321 and we’d be happy to get you started.

Additional Questions?

We tried! If you have additional questions, email [email protected]