Chiropractic Personal Injury Power SEMINAR – July 2017 dates!

How to RAPIDLY Improve Your MVA Coding, Documentation, Case Management, Billing & Business Strategies For a Bigger, Better, More Profitable PI Practice! 

It’s no secret – personal injury can be some of the most rewarding work chiropractors do – which is why most DC’s would love to see more MVA cases. Yet, few chiropractors ever reach their full potential in this arena and many chiropractors who treat personal injury patients face frustrating battles with IME’s, documentation scrutiny, reduced fees and far fewer MVA cases than they would like.

The good news is that the keys to chiropractic personal injury success are not a massive mystery that take a career to solve, BUT there is no single “silver bullet” that will skyrocket your PI business. Instead, the most successful PI practices in the country all possess a balance of four critical components.

Fortunately, that’s exactly what the Chiropractic Personal Injury Power SEMINAR is all about! We’ll help you cut through the confusion that surrounds chiropractic personal injury work and teach you the specifics and the strategies of these four vital parts of PI so that you can build a more powerful and profitable personal injury practice! In this BRAND NEW seminar from The Strategic Chiropractor, you will learn:

DISCERN — to understand the “state” of Personal Injury Care, you will learn:

  • Ways to Navigate a Successful Resolution of Your Patient’s Motor Vehicle Injury FROM THE START
  • How to Safely Set Your Massage fees to protect your practice AND be profitable
  • How “The Big 4” Claims Adjusting Software Programs Impact Your PI Claims
  • Which Payers are Using Collosus, Claims Outcome Advisor, Injury Claims Evaluator and Injury IQ
  • How MBRS Affects Your Allstate MVA Injuries
  • To Protect Yourself from USAA and Other Auto Injury Nightmares
  • How ICD-10 Has Impacted Injury Claims (& How to Optimize Your Diagnosis Coding)

DOCUMENT  — to understand the “state” of Personal Injury Care, you will learn:

  • To Determine What’s Missing From Your Initial Exam Documentation (& How to Fix It Fast)
  • How to Create “Colossus-friendly” SOAP notes so that you can best communicate your patient’s care
  • To Engineer your exam to eliminate common problems causes by Colossus and other claim’s processing software
  • To Avoid the “4 Documentation Disasters” That Routinely Result in IME’s and Claims Cut Short
  • How to Demonstrate Objective Proof of Progress and How to Communicate Subjective Symptoms Correctly
  • To Optimize Your Narrative and Final Report for Best Results


  • Learn “Invisible” CPT Codes That Are Sabotaging Your Patient’s Claim (and your potential profits)
  • Understand Efficient E/M Coding For Your Exams and Everyday Procedures
  • Utilize Proper Case Management (& How to Fight IME Opinions)
  • Which Treatment Guidelines to Utilize (& Which to Appeal & Oppose)
  • How to Handle Assignments of Benefits, File Liens and Letters of Protection
  • Effectively Manage Your PI Accounts Receivable (and Your Attorneys in the Process)
  • What to Do When Incorporating Rehab & Massage in Your PI Case (& What to Avoid)
  • When (& How) to Make Lemonade Out of Your Unpaid Claim Lemons


  • Repeatable strategies to attract more PI patients from multiple sources
  • How to Avoid the “3 Attorney Traps” That Lead to Bad, Worse & The Worst Loser Lawyers
  • Why Your Online Strategies Aren’t Working (& What to Do About It)
  • How Facebook Won’t Fix All Your PI Problems (& Which Ones It Can Help)
  • Learn the “6 Deadly Online Disasters” in Personal Injury (& How to Avert Them)
  • Discover the 3 Most Effective Missed Marketing Opportunities That Produce More PI Patients
  • Blueprint a Better Bottom Line for Your PI Business
  • And much, much more!



Thursday July 27, 2017 [PORTLAND]

Saturday July 29, 2017 [SEATTLE]


9am-4pm (1 hr lunch break, on your own)


[PORTLAND] Embassy Suites Hotel Portland Airport 7900 NE 82nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97220 

[SEATTLE]  DoubleTree Hotel – Seattle Airport Southcenter16500 Southcenter Parkway, Seattle, WA 98188 



6 CE Credits Offered

(Check with your state to see requirements and our policies )

PORTLAND REGISTRATION –July 27, 2017 (click link below to register) 

SEATTLE REGISTRATION –July 29, 2017 (click link below to register) 

*Note: when registering multiple attendees, please give names of all attendees in “COMMENTS” section of registration checkout page so that we may prepare a CE certificate in advance.


Most of our seminars sell out and there is limited seating for staff or multiple attendees – register early and please email info[at] for pricing for 4+ attendees.

If there is space, at the door registration is $299 PER PERSON (but we cannot guarantee there will be seats available).


“Thanks Tom! Great seminar! Very clear, decisive, and provoking. I’ll be able to use all the procedures and knowledge Monday. Great job ! Thank you!” – Christian Cho, DC (Bellevue, Washington)

“This seminar opened my eyes and filled up my head. It gave me direction and directives. It gave me fear and relief. It gave me the opportunity to do what is right, the right way because what I do is too right to get it wrong.”
-Ed Hacmac, DC (Milwaukie, Oregon)

“Dr. Necela presents a great, practical approach to inspire and encourage one’s chiropractic practice. He is such a great resource for all staff to work efficiently and effectively.” – Christine Blazier, DC (Seattle, Washington)

“Great information. I just wish I’d come three years ago! I’ve been steam rolled by a Premera audit and I like to think that seminars like this will help others avoid the pains and frustrations that I’ve had to deal with. Cheers and keep doing what you’re doing!” – Craig Burns, DC (Redmond, Washington)

“Thanks for emphasizing that these are procedural changes and can be implemented systematically. There is hope to be paid what we are worth.” – Linda Cosgrove, DC (Waxahachie, Texas)

“Good information, even after being in practice for 31 years. I can take this information back to my practice and implement meaningful change for the benefit of both my patients and my bottom line.”
-J. Brian Addleman, DC (Wenatchee, Washington)

“Very enjoyable and useful, informative, and timely information. Thank you!!”– Daniel O’Neill, DC (Couer D’Alene, Idaho)

“One of the only seminars I’m constantly writing, valuable information.” – Gina Yaritz, DC (Spokane, Washington)

“Love Dr. Necela’s seminars, they are very educational and useful. He is always an awesome speaker”
– Ramona Sandaker, CA (West Plains Chiropractic; Airway Heights, WA)

“Very well thought out presentation, Tom presented a full spectrum of office details for success”  -Eroca Olanger, CA (Everett, Washington)

“Tom delivers working smarter not harder. Thanks Tom!” – Karen Zamzow, DC (Sitka, Alaska)

“The information was exactly what we needed to hear. No more. No less.” – Megan Locke, DC (Tualatin, Oregon)

“Awesome and informative action plan based!”– Brian Mather, DC (Spokane, Washington)

“This seminar was beyond informative and literally vital to the survival of a chiropractic practice.”
– Frederick L. Swendsen, DC (Puyallup, Washington)

“Love your seminar. Packed with information. First seminar my husband didn’t fall asleep in. Excellent and worth the two hour drive! Thank you for expanding the edge of our box.”– Tracy and John A Swetz, DC (Morton, Washington)

“Great information! Dr. Necela delivered both the good and the bad, sometimes the ugly, with ways to improve.”
– Gregg Helms, DC (Eugene Oregon)

“Great seminar! Motivating, relevant, and on track. You keep getting better each time I hear you. Lots of new information, challenges, and to-do’s. Thanks!” – Gordon Rody, DC (Puyallup, Washington)

“Once again Tom, you hit it out of the park!! Top notch!! Thank you so much!” – Tony Nieter, DC (Kalispell, Montana)

“Tom is my favorite documentation speaker!” – Robin Sweet, DC (Gresham, Oregon)

“Fantastic, relevant, inspiring, refreshing, and informative.” – Theresa Murry, DC (Bellingham, Washington)

“For a subject that I find at the low level of the spectrum for interest, excitement, etc., Dr. Tom always makes it fun, easy to be with, and worthwhile!” – Gary Moskowitz, DC (Seattle, Washington)

“It was a great fact based seminar!” – Nicole Inman, DC (Ketchum, Idaho)

“Tom’s seminars are the best. I plan on attending every one!” –Thomas Lally, DC (Yakima, Washington)

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