The LATEST Need-to-Know Insurance Updates to Get Paid for What You Do, Protect Your Business, Position Your Practice For More Cash (Or Less Insurance Dependence) AND Prepare Your Chiropractic Practice to Thrive in 2020 & Beyond!

Presented By:  Tom Necela, DC, CPC, CPMA, CCP-P of The Strategic Chiropractor


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Like most healthcare professions, chiropractic is going through a season of rapid and progressive change in the marketplace which has launched a new era – Chiropractic 4.0! The same strategies & tactics that worked at the start of our profession when we were a cash-only business (1.0) are obsolete. Gone too are the days of unlimited, unquestioned insurance (2.0).  Times, patients and payers have changed as Chiropractic 3.0 emerged around the start of the new Millenium and our profession is seeing lower reimbursements, fewer visits approved, higher deductibles, declining revenues and increasing audits demanding that we pay our hard-earned money back.

To thrive and survive in 2020 and beyond, we cannot continue down the same path and expect different results.  It’s now time to navigate towards the Chiropractic 4.0 model where we need to strategically and systematically accept the better INSURANCE and cultivate a CASH INFUSION that protects our business, provides great care for patients and positions us toward a brighter future.

To accomplish this, we must be up-to-date on the latest changes in the insurance marketplace as well as synthesize best practices from within and outside of chiropractic to create a better cash business. 2020 is again looking to be a year of big changes for chiropractors in the arena of insurance billing, coding, documentation, compliance — and, of course, in getting paid.  If you and your office aren’t up-to-date on the changes coming, you will not only miss out on the revenue you deserve, you will also expose your chiropractic practice to more audit risk.

On the other hand, if you are completely fed up with insurance and rip off the band-aid, you may be in for a painful process with your patients and the bottom line of your practice.  We must be strategic, deliberate and take a step-by-step approach to steering our practices into better waters that we will come to know as Chiro 4.0!

In this one-day, fast-paced event, Dr. Tom Necela of The Strategic Chiropractor will help ensure that you are aware of the relevant changes you need to know and to put your practice on target for your best year ever!  Here’s just some of what you will learn:

Insurance Updates You Need to Know

  • 2020 ICD-10 code and CPT code changes DC’s need to know
  • “Retired”  E/M Codes Effective 1/2020! (& how that will impact your other exam codes)
  • The current version of Medicare ABN expires March 2020 — what next? 
  • Premera’s New Claim Processing Rules for Individual Plans (Effective 1/2020 and Changing Feb 2020)
  • Optum’s “Required” Discount for Non-Covered Services – how DC’s need to respond
  • New Codes for Online E/M Service
  • Premera Rolls Out NEW Massage Policy (effective Feb 21, 2020)
  • New CPT Codes for “Dry Needling” Acupuncture Services
  • Uniform Medical Plan joining EviCore to Use Physical Medicine Pre-Auths starting March 2020
  • How the Online Rating System for Premera (& other plans) impact your New Patients
  • Uniform’s 16 visit plan limits for chiro — how this will impact on you
  • And Much More!!!


  • Correct Coding for Chiropractic services: what BCBS & other payers say you CANNOT do
  • Massage & Rehab Coding: Do’s and Dangers
  • E/M codes – the “new” strategies & old standards you need to know
  • Codes you SHOULD be using (but probably aren’t) to get paid for ALL that you do
  • The Latest Payer Updates on the Coding Timed Services & the “8 Minute Rule”
  • How to properly “rank” ICD-10 diagnosis codes to properly substantiate your care

Audits & Appeals

  • The #1 Word That Will Get You in Audit Trouble With Medicare
  • 2020 audit trends from BCBS & more
  • Most common dirty tricks” from Geico, StateFarm
  • Your Best Defense to Fighting Post Payment Demands
  • 2 Appeals you need to know & use often
  • Testimonial Trouble? How to Avoid HIPAA & Lawsuit Hassles with patient reviews & testimonials

Business Management

  • Why the “Cash-Insurance Infusion” Model is safer, saner, more scalable and more profitable than the “typical” chiropractic practice
  • How to identify & eliminate the “bottom of the barrel” insurance payers from your practice
  • What are the quickest & easiest cash income streams to implement
  • Why your procedures & systems need to cultivate & create more cash patients (& how to get your staff to implement these)
  • How to position your practice for more cash – WITHOUT ripping off the bandaid and chasing away patients
  • Why most practices let easy cash revenue slip through their hands (& how to prevent it)
  • Tools & Resources You NEED to Implement to Systematize, Streamline & Simplify your business in 2020 & Beyond

AND Much Much More!!!



Thursday March 19, 2020


9am-4pm (1 hr lunch break, on your own)


[SEATTLE]  Crowne Plaza Seattle Airport Hotel 17338 International Blvd, Seattle, WA 98188


6 CE Credits Offered

(Check with your state to see requirements and our policies )

SEATTLE REGISTRATION – March 19, 2020 (click link below to register) 

  • SOLD OUT!  Click here to get the RECORDING OF THE CHIRO 4.0 EVENT

***SOLD OUT***

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