Chiropractic Billing, Coding, Documentation BLOG Praise

Dr Necela, I love your blog posts and website and have included link to it to the DCs on my email update list!  — Larry Nordhoff, DC (Pleasanton, CA) Lecturer – Whiplash & Forensic Analysis of Medical Records Seminars.

Hopefully other docs are telling you this but I wanted to say Thank you for your blogs and information that you keep us updated on.  I honestly would have no idea to all of these changes, where to look for them and what to do.  I try to go to pertinent seminars to learn as much as I can but I have to admit that at most of these seminars I don’t hear them tell us what you keep us updated on. Thank you again for all of your help!!
Jay Whitlock, D.C. (Summerlin, SC)

Your (blog) newsletter is a mandatory reading for all DCs! You are brilliant and the best resource for chiropractors! Thank you so much for all you do!
Melinda Maxwell, DC (Seattle, WA)

Dr. Tom, I just want to send you a quick thank you.  I read most of your emails and find your information to be practical and not filled with a lot of hot air.  Our practice has been audited a number of times from a number of different insurance companies and thankfully we have never had any problems.  But to be honest with you each time one comes around it certainly raises the stress level for a few days.  Though I have never met you I consider you a friend to me and all other DC’s that are in the trenches digging each day.  Keep up the good work and thanks again.
Michael Crimson, DC (Mesa, AZ)

I have found your information and insight into current chiropractic affairs to be the best there is.  Thank you!
Bruce Hone, DC (Seattle, WA)

I am so impressed that you did not just ignore my question.  You are a hero in my eyes.  Thanks so much.
Kathy Vargovich, DC (Portland, OR)

Dr. Tom Necela is a man of integrity, with unparalleled knowledge borne of training and experience. When I want to know the answer to a question regarding what is legal, ethical and defensible involving the business of chiropractic, I call Dr. Tom. You should too.
Scott Heun, DC (Hillsboro, WI) Co-Founder of BeStrong4Life

Dr. Tom, You are providing an immeasurably valuable service to the profession. I like your style and your intelligence comes through every sentence.
Dr. Lee Kane (Amherst, MA)

Dear Tom,  Thank you for all you do and have done for chiropractic. You deserve a medal!                                                                                                                                                           Denise, CA for Adams Chiropractic (Seabeck, WA)