Chiropractic Seminar Feedback

I lecture on documentation and other topics to doctors around the country and Dr. Tom Necela knows more on coding, billing and audit protection than anyone I have seen. His presentation skills are excellent, making such a topic entertaining as well as easy to understand and implement. – Joe Betz, DC (Boise, ID)

This was the best chiropractic billing, coding and documentation seminar I’ve had in 27 years of practice! I brought all of my staff and it was a “must” for all of us!! — James Hidalgo, DC (Las Vegas, NV)

Dr. Necela’s seminars are always relevant and always helpful so I keep coming back!  — Matt Russell, DC (Tumwater, WA)

A great seminar – thorough, informative, enlightening and empowering! — C. Randy Baze, DC (Renton, WA)

An awesome seminar! Very entertaining and Dr. Necela made sense of the insurance chaos!!  — Dustin Nagai, DC (Monterey, CA)

Dr. Necela is the best speaker I’ve seen!  You will learn more useful info at his seminars than any other and get your puzzling questions answered.  I always enjoy coming! — Monika Hin, Chiropractic Assistant at Matheny Chiropractic (Bellevue, WA)

I learned much more than any billing seminar I went to previously! — Jo Briggs, DC (Las Vegas, NV)

Great seminar! Dr. Necela took the fear and overwhelming nature of chiropractic billing, coding and documentation and made it simple and clear!  — Christina Moneyhan, DC (Mesa, AZ)

Wonderful seminar! Invaluable information that helps us make important decisions in our practice.  — James McKenzie, DC (Moscow, ID)

This course should be mandatory in every chiropractic school curriculum!  I rate it a “10”!  — Shawn Van Winkle, DC (Fort Collins, CO)

This was my 3rd Strategic Chiropractor seminar! I keep coming back because it’s always fresh material and a great refresher!  — Alastair Harper, DC (Issaquah, WA)

This is information you cannot afford to miss! — Bruce Hurst, DC (Chelan, WA)

I spent $1500 in airfare for Diane and I to attend your seminar in Seattle and it was worth every penny. I am certain to recoup the investment with a couple of simple changes in our billing and documentation procedures. Thank you. What a blessing it is to have you on our side in the ongoing insurance battle!
—Doug DeShazo, DC (Palmer, AK)

This was the best breakdown of chiropractic coding and documentation I’ve ever had and one of thebest seminars I’ve been to in a very long time! It was very informative and concise – thank you! — Perry Barnhill, DC (Prosser, WA)

The best seminar I have ever been to! —Jeremy Anderson, DC (Grandview, WA)

Dr. Necela was awesome!  He was easy to listen to and very informative. I’m looking forward to attending another seminar in the future and utilizing all the resources he provided!  — Genesse Paradise, CA — WIN Health Institute (Basalt, CO)

This seminar simplified many challenging & confusing topics on billing & coding! –  Justin Favreau, DC (Seattle, WA)

Dr. Necela takes a boring topic and makes it interesting! The seminar made me see things I need to change but gave me a positive feeling that I can actually achieve this!  — Bruce Stevens, DC (Lompoc, CA)

Great information – relevant, timely & interesting! Rated a 10!  — John Jarolimek, DC (Mt Vernon, WA)

Yours was the first documentation seminar that I left encouraged and confident instead of intimidated and confused! — Tom West, DC (Ketchum, ID)

It was great to have the insurance mess de-mystified and explained, being that it changes so frequently. Dr. Tom makes a boring subject entertaining!  — Bobbie Hemmelman, DC (Vancouver, WA)

Packed full of information that is just not covered in other seminars! — Scott Matz, DC (Missoula, MT)

What a great seminar! Good information with a rock star delivery! — Dave Ludwick, DC (Bothell, WA)

Educational, entertaining and motivating all at the same time – the seminar was a nice surprise and I give it a 10! — Mark Webber, DC (Kirkland, WA)

Great coverage of chiropractic billing, coding and documentation materials to make sure all my “i’s” are dotted and my “t’s” crossed! — Lance Zimney, DC (Loveland, CO)

Very informative! Thanks for your detail, organization and many useful examples of how to avoid trouble and how to do things correctly! — George Olar, DC (Lacey, WA)

This seminar is a 10/10 and full of great stuff!  — Rob Thiry, DC (Boise, ID)

Tom, I am so glad that I have attended your seminars!  You have given me so much USEFUL information that no other seminar has ever covered.  Plus, you answer my questions in detail.  Thank you so much for all you do for us.
—Michele Newcomer, DC (Portland, OR)

I learned a ton through being empowered and without the scare tactics!

— Barry Gjerdrum, DC (Seattle, WA)

The seminar was well-researched, well-presented, understandable, do-able.  I’m not as panicked [about chiropractic billing, coding, documentation] as I was before I attended! — Joan Burrow, DC, ND (Lewiston, ID)

Dr. Necela covered hours worth of material with ease; his mannerisms and humor made some not so exciting topics entertaining! — Katy Brown, Chiropractic Assistant – Milasich Chiropractic (Tacoma, WA)

This whole seminar was a 10!  Pertinent info delivered enthusiastically and clearly. Tom,  you’re the best! — Jeff Rindal, DC (Mt Vernon, WA)

Dr. Necela’s presentation on Coding, Compliance, and handling Audits, should they occur was well accepted by the members. He was thorough, discussed each topic in depth, and displayed a complete and concise knowledge about the subjects. I also subscribe to his weekly newsletter, read the blog/twitter pages, and have had occasion to contact Tom via phone when I have questions. He never hesitates to come to the rescue. Dr. Necela is a tireless advocate for Chiropractic with regard to his areas of expertise. Having a certified coding expert on our side is an invaluable asset.

—Bob Hale, DC (Aberdeen, WA) Past President Grays Harbor Chiropractic Association

Excellent, practical and well-presented information! — Marc Cahn, DC (Boulder, CO)

Awesome seminar! Very information and helpful in chiropractic coding and documentation. Our revenues generated from this seminar increased significantly!  — Tammy Neslund, Chiropractic Assistant – Tacoma Chiropractic Health & Massage (Tacoma, WA)

I have purchased several of Dr. Necela’s products (>5 different ones) and attended several of his seminars. Tom constantly researches his subject matter and then provides timely, useful/relevant information on his blog and also via ebooks and home business courses.
—Mark Blessley, DC (Vancouver, WA)

It was well worth the time. Great info and worth every penny!  — Candace Smith, Office Manager for Owens Chiropractic Clinic (Fruitland, ID)

The seminar was fabulous — my staff and I are ready to rumble!  — Theresa Murry, DC (Bellingham, WA)

Four hours went by fast! I could have stayed longer and learned even more, although I received more useful information in this four hour seminar than I did at a recent all day Medicare seminar!
—Drs Dale & Gayle Johnston, DC (Wilsonville, OR)

Tom’s seminars are the very best.  I try to attend every one that I can!  — Tom Lally, DC (Yakima, WA)

I own a billing service and when we or the attorneys we work with have a question, we turn to and rely on Dr. Necela. From his prior experience working for the “other side”, to building his own 7-figure clinic, to years of helping Docs turn their practices into compliant and profitable businesses……Tom is simply the best out there. I send clients to Tom regularly and every one of them has reported more streamlined operations and an increase in profits. Thanks Tom, for being there for me, for CompliantCare and for my clients.
Jim Bowen, JD (Whitefish, MT)

Your seminar was well done in all aspects, with all important topics for chiropractic billing, coding and documentation covered.  Great job!  — Dean Rutherford, DC (Hailey, ID)

Great info presented in a fun way! This was the best seminar we’ve attended in a LONG time!  — Dr. Darryl & Carrie Roundy (University Place, WA)

Your seminars are always great, always motivational and always helpful! — Christine Saleeby, Chiropractic Assistant at Queen Anne Chiropractic (Seattle, WA)

Dr. Necela, I am so glad that I found your website! Since my discovery I have signed up for your newsletters, and have attended two webinars. Out of school, I adopted a lot of the billing, coding, and business procedures of the Doctor’s I worked with before opening my own practice. This was not good as most of their practices were not correct as I am learning more and more everyday. Thanks to you, I feel like I am finally understanding the “business of chiropractic” much better.
—Steven Bourdage, DC (Chicago, IL)

The seminar was great!  We learned a lot and are excited to improve our billing procedures! — Brandon Campbell, DC (Yakima, WA)

Your seminar was a three day commitment of driving >350 miles each way…and worth it.  Thank you! — T. Daniel O’Neill, DC (Couer d’Alene, ID)

Lots of information but made less overwhelming than most chiropractic billing seminars! — Jerica Douglas, DC (Yakima, WA)

I received a lot of useful information at this excellent seminar that I would highly recommend to any chiropractor and staff! — Karen Paterno, CA – University Chiropractic (Spokane, WA)

Dr. Necela keeps your attention and his presentation doesn’t ever drag – he is informative AND entertaining! — Steve Bartusch, DC (Spanaway, WA)

Great seminar! I learned lots and the material will be very helpful to our office! — Laila Noll, DC (Portland, OR)

Loved this seminar – great information! — Justin Poppe, DC (St George, UT)

This seminar is extremely relevant for new doctors or established “old guys” like me to keep on top of and ahead of an ever changing target! — J. Brian Addleman, DC (East Wenatchee, WA)

As past president of the Oregon Board of Chiropractic Examiners, I’ve recently attended 4 separate seminars to orient myself with the issues related to charting, coding and billing. Our board strongly advises all Oregon doctors to attend a seminar as soon as possible to avoid errors associated with treating Medicare patients. I am pleased to report that the seminar by Tom Necela DC, was by far the most engaging and informative of all the meetings I’ve attended. It was very useful as an ethical resource for Medicare, Auto & regular Insurance documentation, coding & billing.
—Minga Guerrero DC. Past President, Oregon BCE (Portland, OR)

Excellent seminar — Dr. Necela is a savior! — Matthew Nash, DC (Edmonds, WA)

Much needed help for my practice!  Great job, Dr. Necela! — Lee Whittemore, DC (Loveland, CO)

I have to say thank you because I attended a couple seminars you spoke at last year and I probably learned more useful information in those seminars than I have in the entire 4 years I’ve been practicing!
—Jacob Waller, DC (Mill Creek, WA)

Dr. Necela is very good at explaining the confusing aspects of insurance issues! — Patrick Stromer, DC (Eagle, ID)

I enjoyed your seminar immensely! It got me thinking about internal mechanisms of my own clinic.
—Shane Espinoza, DC (North Plains, OR)

Thanks for your informative seminar yesterday. I have already been speaking to my colleagues to attend one as well. I like that you do it without a lot of fluff, and I wish every state would encourage new licensees to take your seminar. Maybe after a few years of doing that we would be more on the same page.

—Lori Inkrote, DC (Portland, OR)

Let me first thank you for the email newsletters you have been sending me.  I do not know how I started to receive them, but I am glad I did. Thank you also for a great webinar (How to Oversee Your Chiropractic Billing Staff and Service”  I practice in Miami Beach and I also have a billing department that oversees three other offices and your webinar was extremely helpful in evaluating my billing.
—Jay Hudson DC (Miami Beach, FL)

Very organized and helpful information.  Dr. Necela is a great resource and I would highly recommend attending his next seminar.  Work smarter, Not harder!
— Chad Nielson, DC (Twin Falls, ID)

Dr. Necela, your seminars are the only ones where I am constantly writing valuable information! — Gina Yaritz, DC (Spokane, WA)

Tom, I think I have attended all of your webinars and your latest one —  “How to Oversee Your Chiropractic Billing Staff & Service” was your best. Very informative,useful info. Thanks for putting it together.
—Terry Anelons DC (Harvard, MA)

This is my second seminar with you that I’ve attended — you gave even more great info and a lot for me to implement into my practice! — Matt Raab, DC (Spokane, WA)

A perfect 10! Dr. Necela always delivers way more than promoted. He’s also one of the most approachable speakers to talk to and ask questions. Thank you so much, Dr. Tom!  — Brian Norce, DC (Couer d’Alene, ID)

Dr. Necela’s seminars are very informative and they keep my attention!  He makes a boring topic entertaining. — Jen Aliment, DC (Redmond, WA)