Chiropractic Consulting CLIENT TESTIMONIALS

Praise for Dr. Necela’s Consulting Work

Tom, I can honestly say, without hesitation, that you are the best business consultant I have ever worked with in my 18 years of practice. My only regret is that I didn’t hire you earlier in my career! At a time when my practice needed it most, your expert advice and recommendations have been wonderful. It has been my privilege working with you. Your approach of working smarter, not harder, has been a blessing. Significant increases in both services and collections have already been noted in the first quarter of this year!
— Dan Bukofchan, DC (Brookville, IN)

Tom, Thanks for all your help this past year! After floundering through 3 EMR systems and moving to a new location, we STILL grew 71% with your recommendations!! I am looking forward to even more growth (and profits) this coming year!
— Seth Hosmer, DC (Portland, OR)

I thought my practice was on top of all potential billing and coding. I have been in practice for 20 years, and what I have learned in one day is nothing short of astounding.  I would hate to add up all the money that was left on the table because I thought I knew all there was to know about billing and coding.  The things I learned have made a difference already in just a short period of time!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              — Perry Cammisa,DC (Woodridge, IL)

I was referred to Dr. Tom by a mentor of mine who was currently coaching with him.  After my first consultation with Dr. Tom, I knew he was exactly the kind of coach that could help me.  I have worked with other coaches before but I felt like Dr. Tom really listened to what I wanted to do in practice and helped me to maximize that.  I would highly recommend coaching with Dr. Tom.  He helped our office tremendously. — Ben Donner, DC (Wilmar, MN)

Life is good! Thank you for all your recommendations; we are doing our best to get everyone (and all the doctors) on the same page. We haven’t scratched the surface yet and already our practice is growing! Thanks, Tom.
— Scott Matz, DC and Tracy Matz-Office Manager (Missoula, MT)

After 30 years in practice, it is eye-opening to see what I have allowed to fall through the cracks. Dr. Necela has provided clear & precise recommendations, feedback and actionable goals for me to get back on track and improve my practice. I would definitely recommend his work to my fellow chiropractors looking to improve your business and work smarter!
— Jeffrey Parker, DC (Denver, CO)

I was motivated to bring my practice up to par on coding, billing documentation and audit proofing my practice and you delivered on every topic. You provided exactly what I needed especially on coding, billing, exam levels and requirements, accounts receivables and massage therapy. We now have complete confidence that we are coding and billing for our services. We also have complete confidence that we are performing and billing for the correct exam level as it was a guessing game for me prior to this. I no longer fear an audit as my documentation is much more complete. We have taken concrete steps to implement policies and systems in regards to our A/R and no longer rule by emotion which resulted in us getting nowhere in the past. Your recommendations in this regard have already brought good results. You have provided me with a clear, concise blueprint to work smarter, not harder, for increased profitability, quality patient care delivery, coding, documentation and HIPAA compliance. –Mike Pope, DC (Troy, OH)

Tom, Things are going well! We are on pace to bill over $1 mil this year, that is $150K+ over last year and more importantly collections are improving also.  I have good staff and improving everything that we can improve every day.   I have an opportunity to open a second clinic in an indoor sports center which was a goal of mine to do something like this that I wrote down over 2 years ago…funny how that works!  I have implemented a lot of what you suggested and am still working on getting it all together.  To sum up, I hired you in the middle of the most stressful time in my practice career, got rid of most of my staff, had horrible issues with billing, upset my whole patient base, across the board raised every one of my fees to what you suggested, I was sliding by with poor clinical documentation and 9 months later…after doing only part of what you suggested, I am at the height of productivity with all the room in the world to grow well beyond where I am!  Your service and unique background should be required for every chiropractor…our profession benefits from you.  You could triple your fees and still be undercharging.  Thank You! 
George Keogh, DC (Tacoma, WA)

Dr. Tom Necela is the best business investment I have ever made. With his compliance training and coaching I have been able to develop policies and procedures that not only increase my bottom line but also provides me a superior level of confidence regarding insurance compliance and documentation regulations. Tom’s information should be the first business expense a chiropractor makes every year!” 
Heather Denniston DC (Issaquah, WA)

You’re amazing, Tom!!! Thank you so much for all you have done for me. Because of you, we’ve had our biggest month EVER in gross services last month ($103,000). You have once again far exceeded my expectations and they were high to begin with. And that’s impressive since I thought I was ahead of the game after reading all your stuff and being with consultants the last 7 years. Thanks also for your assistance with my exam notes – my notes are awesome and I am confident that they produce very structured and defensible E/M documentation now. Thanks for making E/M coding so simple to understand. We have stopped under-billing our exams. I am looking forward to our next call and am open to new ideas you have in regards to practice style, philosophy and business. –Matt Kirkham, DC (LaPorte, IN)

Tom: Wow –have I told you lately how awesome you are?! We don’t say it enough but thank you so much for all your guidance and expertise, we really appreciate all your help!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               — Mark Davies, DC and Barb Davies – Office Manager (Bend, OR)

“Tom is hands down the best Business Consultant I have ever had. He is an expert at what he does and keeps it simple for the rest of us. He can help you make your business more profitable, more compliant, more efficient and more fun. All you have to do is give him a call. Best money and Return on investment I have had in years.” 
— Eric Hansen, DC (Redmond, WA)

“Dr. Necela did an on-site practice evaluation and then coached me through the recommended changes in many areas relative to how I ran my practice especially detailing with proper billing, coding and documentation methods. He is a top notch mentor that all in our profession should hire if they are interested in working not only smarter but safer; rather than harder at greater risk! 
— Frederick Swendsen, DC (Puyallup, WA) 

I have worked in our chiropractic office for over 30 years as an office manager. As part of my responsibilities I have had to keep up with the ever changing insurance requirements. I am not sure exactly when I realized I just could not find the time to stay on top of all that running an insurance office entails and still manage to understand and implement what was needed to be compliant . Earlier this year we were introduced to Dr.Tom Necela.  He has  given us the piece of mind  to know that if we were to be audited we would be more than compliant. Because Dr. Tom is a chiropractor along with being a coding expert he is in a unique position of “talking our language.” He came into our office and gave us information that was easily implemented and helped to make our SOAP notes more comprehensive for both our doctor and the insurance companies. When doing a presentation to an attorney’s office this week, we mentioned that Dr.Necela has sharpened our records and we were happy to see acknowledgment around the room that they knew him and were glad our records reflected his input. I am very happy to recommend Dr. Necela! 
— Pam Fox, Office Manager for Greg Fox, DC (Gig Harbor, WA) 

Tom, Just wanted to let you know, we are doing GREAT since your visit to our office! Everybody is wanting to get our documentation, billing and coding procedures right, especially me.  I am learning lots from your suggestions for improvement that I never took the time to learn.  I predict we will double our goal that you sent me in my initial Consulting Proposal. Thank you! — Shawn Gay, DC (Arlington, WA).  Dr Gay is the Past President Washington State Chiropractic Association

Dr. Tom, Things are going great. Your help with our billing and coding issues has been much appreciated and so useful! My charges are increasing and my patient load is much better also. My monthly services are up an average of $7K from the first 5 months of this year! All we have done so far is to utilize your billing & coding suggestions. We (my receptionist Amy & myself) are pumped and it is showing in the stats! I can’t thank you enough! Your new best friend, Terry. — Terry Erdman, DC (Tigard, OR)

Thanks for the ROF following your visit to our office – it is exactly what I need! I appreciate your thoroughness and look forward to the changes we are going to make in this coming year. — Jim Westerman, DC (Tucson, AZ) 

Tom, Thanks for your great explanations on the E/M coding and bullet system, best one I’ve heard.  I’m going to clean up some of the mistakes in my documentation from what I’ve learned so far. This is all great stuff and I am learning a lot!                                                                                                                                                                                                                    — David Pearce, DC (Murfreesboro, TN)

We originally hired Dr. Necela to be the coach for our two practices. Our intent was for him to fine tune the procedures, staff and billing in both offices. In those areas he has done a superb job. Unfortunately, I became ill in 2009 and was not able to practice. Ultimately Dr. Ann & I had to come to the decision that we would have to sell my practice. During a very stressful time in our life, Dr. Tom came to the rescue. Dr. Tom turned lemons into lemonade for us in a time where we could have lost everything. Through our 25 years in practice we have had many coaches. But we have never had a coach that went the extra mile to make sure our livelihood was not taken from us. If you’re looking for a coach that does what he says he will do, then Dr. Tom is the coach for you.
— Drs. Thomas & Ann Klesmit (Rockwall, TX)
Dr. Tom Klesmit is President of the Texas Chiropractic Association District 5

“If you are tired of trying to figure out how to navigate insurance systems when you would rather be focused on providing excellent care to your patients, then Dr. Tom Necela is the business partner for you! Working with Dr. Necela has maximize our collections by creating efficient systems to properly document and bill for services that we were already providing to our patients. I would highly recommend Dr. Necela’s services if you want to increase your comfort in practice while also increasing your profits!” — Misty Gargan, DC (Lynwood, WA) 

Tom, Thanks for your help! We’ve implemented all of the codes and your recommendations. Our visit charge is up about $15 which will produce over a $120,000 increase in the next year! No comments at all from patients!! Sweet!! I have had numerous good experiences with consultants in my 32 years of practice, but your advice produced the biggest, fastest return of all – with minimal effort on my part. Your consulting has been one of the best investments that I’ve ever made! 
— Neil Towne, DC (Medford, OR)

Dr. Tom provided me with expert advice and consultation on matters of my business that had been troubling me for years. His tools of analysis and presentation of what he found made so much sense to me that it was hard to resist the solutions that he proposed. I’ve known Dr. Tom for over a decade, and he’s only getting better.
— Andy Rosser, DC (Olympia, WA)

I now have ideas and system frameworks to introduce as we go along in the future. The point system of exams is a great tool to be able to code at a higher level. You have given me so many good ideas that it is not possible to put all of them into action immediately! 
— Terry Anelons, DC (Harvard, MA)

“Tom has provided us with the tools and the confidence that we are coding and billing properly in our practice. He is a great coach with excellent ideas and yet remains humble. We don’t feel pressured or stressed during any of our coaching sessions. He truly is a great guy! Thanks Tom!” 
— Drs Mike & Lisa Ilyankoff (Everett, WA) 



“It has been a privilege working with Tom. His consulting services have positively changed the way I manage and operate my chiropractic practice, resulting in increased profits, improved compliance, and better office systems. His service has been an absolute asset to my business and I highly recommend his services to any chiropractor looking to improve their business.”
— Ryan Coogan, DC (Kirkland, WA)

Dear Tom: I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your help and assistance this past month. You have opened my eyes to all the hard work I have been doing for FREE. The new work I have been doing is taking more time, but I was not making any more money – I was frustrated. In one free 15 minute consultation, I knew Tom was the real deal and was not blowing smoke – so I hired him. My 1-2 hour ROF about my practice, my codes and my fees was mind blowing! (and lasted over 3 hours!) At minimum I was losing over $87,000 a year (and all I have to do is claim it – no extra work!). This guy is pennies on the dollar compared to other coaches I have used! 
— Russel Smith, DC (Cedar City, UT)

So far what you have provided for my office is this: an intentional, methodical way to organize patient care to improve patient health and to get paid for what I do!  The more structure there is to the running of the office leads to a few thoughts: #1 greater patient care #2 greater patient satisfaction #3 more referrals because of patient satisfaction #4 higher income based on getting paid for what we do! = loving life!  Thanks! 
— Marisa DeLisle DC (Shoreline, WA)

So far your ideas are brilliant. I have been putting all of your suggesting and techniques in place. As a result our services for October jumped $15,000.00!! (Update) Thanks for your massage advice, I’m about to hire therapists #2 and #3!
— Brian Petrie, DC (Raynham, MA)

“Thanks Tom, for all of your assistance in making my office run more efficiently. Before hiring you I felt like I was working way too hard for the amount of money I was collecting each month. After having you visit my office and providing me with multiple suggestions to increase my efficiency and profitability, I have been able to make some minor changes which have significantly increased my monthly collections while at the same time decreasing my overall work load!! Thanks again, 
— Tyge Shelby, DC (Bend, OR)

When I hired you, I was worried about compliance and the quality of my documentation with all the talk of audits going around. I didn’t think my notes were that good. In the process of fixing that, you helped me discover that I was also missing out on income by not billing for things properly and by not utilizing efficient procedures in my office. Your systematic approach has made it easier for me to sleep at night and to create a more profitable practice. Already we have seen significant results of increased income after only a few months of working with you! Thanks Tom!                                                                                                                                                                                                                       — Martin Henschell, DC (Bonney Lake, WA)

Dr. Necela takes a very hands on and proactive approach – integrating himself and his keen knowledge – within the clinic or organization with which he is working.
His expertise is taught to key staff and the clinic’s current standard operating procedures are closely examined and audited in order to produce a most effective
outcome. Specifically, Dr. Necela bettered our understanding of our working and billable relationship by and between health insurance providers which also increased
revenue. I give Dr. Necela my highest accolades and would consider him a valued asset to with whom he works.                                                                                                                          — Emil Nardone, DC (Benwood, WV)

Thanks for all your help and all you do for chiropractic! I can sense that ALL this can make sense again with a modicum of fun on the horizon!  — Bob Hecht, DC (Helena, MT)