BEFORE You Buy, Know What the Business is Worth & Discover Options or Best Strategies for the Purchase

BUYER’s Second Opinion Valuation & Strategic Consulting

Don’t Make the Same Costly Mistakes that Cause Too Many Chiropractors to Pay Too Much and/or Miss Critical “Red Flags” That Buyer’s Need to Know Before Buying a Business

How the Buyer’s Second Opinion Valuation & Strategic

Consulting Program Works to Help You:

  • PRACTICE VALUATION: We will use multiple, standardized valuation methods to help you determine what the chiropractic practice that you are interested in buying is truly worth, including a range of high & low values, so you come away with a solid perspective on the proper price for the practice in today’s market.  To do this valuation, we would require the following items:                                                                                                                                                                  
  • (1) Profit & Loss Statements (or Tax Returns) for the practice you are buying for the previous three years
  • (2) Basic Practice Stats – listing clinic totals for new patients, visits, collections — and separated by provider (if applicable)                     

  • (3) Accounts Receivable Aging Summary (if AR is being sold with the practice) – showing AR Aging breakdown into Current, 30, 60, 90 and 90+ plus past due categories. Only the last summary or totals page is needed; it is not necessary to send a full AR report with individual patient balances.

  • (4) Salary & Compensation Info – a payroll report or current list of employees and owner W2 compensation for the current YTD & previous two years.

  • (5) Equipment Inventory – itemized list of equipment and approximate values — or a total list of equipment value (a Depreciation Schedule can be submitted instead of a list or the list of equipment can be estimated, if necessary).

  • WRITTEN REPORT: Once the valuation is complete (approximately 2 weeks after we receive the requested valuation items), you will receive a written report of the Practice Valuation for your reference & to help with your purchase.

  • SECOND-OPINION ANALYSIS:  In addition to the report, we will also offer a strategic analysis comparing our second-opinion valuation to the original valuation or appraisal.  In this analysis, we will point out any flaws, limitations or discrepancies with the original valuation as well as make strategic recommendations to help with your price negotiations.

  • 30 DAYS FREE CONSULTING: After the written report is issued, your Second Opinion & Consulting servie includes 30 days of email consulting support to help answer any additional questions you may have and/or provide additional negotiation strategies — all included with your purchase price!  (Email consulting beyond the 30 day period is available, for an additional fee, depending on the scope and nature of your desired arrangement.)

I’m Looking Forward to Helping You to Buy SMARTER with our Second Opinion Valuation!

Hi Doc — let me start by saying you’re making a smart move to consider getting a second opinion valuation on what may be one of the biggest & most important purchases you’ll ever make. Because our profession is small and I’m a DC myself, I’ve heard all the “rumor mill” formulas that float out there about what a practice is worth (that many “For Sale By Owner” Sellers like to use) and I’m also aware of the flaws within those methods.  After 15+ years of experience helping with sales & valuations, I’m also familiar with most other brokers and their formulas as well. Currently I am the ONLY chiropractor who is both a certified business broker, advanced business intermediary and the sole chiropractic expert listed in the Business Reference Guide to Valuing Small Businesses. On average, we do well over 100 valuations per year – exclusively for the chiropractic profession.

Our valuations typically utilize 5-8 standard business appraisal methods to analyze the practice value to come up with a range of value. This helps give both parties a good perspective on an accurate value for the business – and not just a single number that can be argued back and forth. This gives you CONFIDENCE that the price you’re paying is fair market value and not full of fluff or nonsense that makes you needlessly overpay! 



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