12 Things Chiropractors Will Have to Change in 2012 (Part 1)

This year, there will be some major changes that will definitely need to be tracked along with some trends you definitely want to pay attention to.  Here they are…

1) Medicare deductible. We’ll start with an easy one — the new Medicare Part B deductible will be $140.00, starting January 1, 2012.  Yes, if you are paying attention, that is LESS than last year’s deductible!

2) Convert to 5010 Format. For all offices filing payments electronically, you will have to convert to the new 5010 format by Jan 1, 2012.  Hopefully, you heard my endless warnings about converting to 5010 and have prepared your practice well in advance of the 2012 deadline.  If not, get moving! 2012 is here and you do what to be paid, don’t you?!

3) New Medicare ABN Form Required. Yes, it functions exactly like the old ABN and looks nearly identical too.  But that doesn’t change the fact that the folks at Medicare require a new ABN form and give you yet another reason to put them high on your list of irritants.

4)  Take a Serious Look at Your EMR Company. Results are in and the “dream” of stimulus money has actually come true.  The first few government checks arrived in the hands of – believe it or not – chiropractors!  Yes, there are fully certified EMR programs that chiropractors can use. I don’t want to turn the whole EMR picture to focus on stimulus dollars. But…a few points need to be seriously considered in 2012. (a) If you don’t have EMR, now is a good time to shop.  However, don’t even bother shopping for one that is not certified. If they couldn’t be bothered to get certification, what else are they leaving out of the equation?  (b) The next question becomes – if you don’t like your EMR, now may be a good time to switch – and again, move towards one that is certified. At least you have a chance to get your $$ back that you spent on your former rotten apple with the possibility of stimulus dollars.

To keep the post mercifully short, that’s it for Part 1 – check back in a few days for Part 2 and more things to keep tabs on in 2012!